But really though. Please check out the interview and editorial for SKYN here:

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  1. First time seeing this, and love most of it, except the AA part. That whole program is in the process of being tore up and being rewritten, but other than that great message. Many fellow mentors and coaches also advocate the hour a day thing. But yes I would say you are doing very well for yourself.

  2. You're natural comedian,lol I don't do those negative things I stay healthy Max you're poor lier. Bye bye tc .

  3. Try being a 27 year old gay bartender and attempting to stay sober. Much less living in Vegas.. I've been slowly working out of my bad habits, and my secret? Hobbies. Working out, hiking, education ect. Find something physically and mentally stimulating, it is seriously world changing.

  4. This was great.
    I'm glad alcohol is basically forbidden for us. It makes it easier to just not get into something addictive, even if I'm not religious at all.
    Love you Max.

  5. Fighting addictions is tough. It requires a lot of self discipline. You should be damn proud of yourself. All the best,

  6. "Fully expecting" . . . is where.  There are some strange people.  Some want to use you — some want to abuse you.  Look in the mirror and you see the good ones (though they're doing something not so nice.).  And . . . THEN . . . look at John (1st book) and know that there's someone else behind that reflected light.

  7. You said that you had slept with almost all your instigram followers but you moissed me ? well still there is hope to meet you ? wonderful inspiring story keep up the smile, the positive energy and noble work ?

  8. Good topic, I learnt the hard way through rehab, but now I cannot think of anything worse than consuming drugs/alchohol. I too lost many acquaintances but gained more meaningful friendships.

  9. the boring preachy video which actually made a LOT OF SENSE, was bearable just because you are so fucking sweet and sexy 🙂

  10. I came here expecting something funny, did not anticipate that I would end this video with a few tears and renewed sense of hope.

  11. This was honest and important. Ok except the banana haha I come from a family of alcoholics and drug addicts. Not very nice addicts either I might add. I am allergic to alcohol (small amounts make me black out) so I always sit back and watch. You can have a great time without all the other stuff. This hit home since my younger brother became a alcoholic at 14. I have watched how it has ruined families and lives. My oldest brother has been a fire fighter for 20 years and has seen everything alcohol can cause. Good message to send out.

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