Are you ready for a serious dose of music and muscles?

David Hart & Claudio Girardi aka SexShooters are a London based Dj Duo. Since forming in 2013, SexShooters have taken over some of the biggest clubs around the world, playing “sexed-up mixes” of all genres of house from Deep Tech to Tribal.

The couple met at a party in London. Back then David was working as a photographer and Claudio as an actor. Their first date was a hit. Claudio moved in after their second date.

“I was watching him take photographs at his infamous Thursday club night Gigolo and he asked me if I wanted to be photographed. I remember the moment he turned around to talk to me and there was just something in that moment that I kind of knew that I had to keep this one.” said Claudio in a recent Interview they did for a gay dating app.

“We soon realized that we did not want to be apart and that our then-careers would get in the way, so we put our mutual love for music together and taught ourselves to DJ,” Claudio says.

“Date on Saturday. Moved in on Tuesday. I love you’s the following Saturday. The rest is history.”

And so, SexShooters was born!

The hot men never spend a moment apart. They live on top of each other and breathe the same air 24/7.

Although they are together 24/7 they are open to meeting new guys.

“Our monogamous, monogamish, open, closed, depends on who’s asking relationship has the open-mindedness to consider options if the fit happens to be right (and tight!) Haha.”

They also love sluts! When asked about how they feel about slut-shaming their answer was:

“We love sluts!”

“There’s no shame in enjoying sex. F–k as much as you can as often as you can. One day you’re going to be dead, so make good choices, get all you can and don’t judge others who are fortunate enough to have more sex than you”