A tribute to the speedo models and male strippers who appeared on the New York-based WOR show “People are talking” starring Richard Bey.

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  1. 4.23 I wonder how taken by that chick would have been had he farted? You know, that happens to guys during sit-ups..

  2. If you think that this is disgusting, then why did you bother to watch the video when it was clearly titled "Men In Speedos?"

  3. If you're ashamed of your body then wear a bed sheet. I suspect the problem might be that these guys are all hotter than you could ever wish to be. Disgusting? Really, the human body is disgusting? What church do you go to?

  4. Europe and South America didn't have Jerry fucking Falwell and the Moral Majority up the media's ass. That's why you don't see stuff like this anymore on American television. The New Christian Right strived to censor all anti-Christian and anti-family "propaganda" like what you're seeing on this video, and you know what? They sucseeded even though the Moral Majority is no longer around.

  5. People are talking was before the richard bey show. His cohost was renee hambly. It was like live with regis and kelly with a serious news segment thrown in

  6. Richard Bey! I use to watch him all the time back in the day lol. His show was great to watch male beefcake. Crazy talk show 90s!

  7. β€œThis video is most popular with:
    Gender Age
    Male 45-54
    Male 35-44
    Male 55-64”

    Told ya, guys, ladies don't watch men in speedos.

  8. @Chuck1974 Well I have heard some theories about the prevalent male body insecurity among north-American youngsters. One blames Internet and porn inducing "ideal size" consciousness in them, Others blame it to ad campaigns focused on ideal "abs" like those of Calvin Klein/ A&F / and the ubiquitous abs machine infomercials inducing inadequacy feelings in them . An others blame basketball player Michael Jordan for popularizing this fashion.

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