Visual Excerpts of my extensive Man Spa Body Hair Grooming services at
Male Beauty Forum in Toronto from 1997-2018….
Health and Beauty Therapist: Claude Edwin Theriault… will be;
relocating to the Belleville /Trenton area of Prince Edward December 2018
Without the laser service, downsizing to semi retired and focusing on my quality Manscaping service combo of waxing, clipping, shaving.


  1. olen ro women love man laser hair removal . not bear ! an less if you not intrested  whay looking  this is 2014 man laser hair . i do understant you do not like your hair and you can not efort to laser hair removal

  2. Very sad a man having his masculine body hair removed. Whatever happened to the real man? Men are definitely becoming more like women with all the effeminate shaving.

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