Today I went searching for the phantom Russian flax bale seals which Sara says she found on Breaks Fold farm .. didn’t find any but found a double silver, several George III tokens and a statue of a nude boy taking a pee .. LOL .. The first part of the hunt was removed by this stupid new film maker I have the misfortune to use .. sorry ..


  1. Nice little video, glad to see Peacehavens back on You-Tube.  How do you use Brillo on old coins please ?

  2. Cool finds. Always a great hunt with silver found. Congrats. Subbed for more. Greetings and happy hunting.

  3. Cool finds. Always a great hunt with silver found. Congrats. Subbed for more. Greetings and happy hunting.

  4. You always find such interesting things Ged. I went to Belgium in the late 60's and saw the statue of the little boy who saved his town, a lovely little find. I hope you're keeping well my friend and now the better weather is on the way I hope you stay well. Take care Ged, good luck ?and happy hunting Mary-Ellen ???

  5. Excellent video ged is the large square thing the frame for holding the gears from a clock mate just a thought

  6. great finds ged mate good to see you out and about :))…love the old silver :))

  7. Great hunt Ged . Interesting items and Double Silver . Looked a good pull the fields you where in . Great to see your back .

  8. It looks like manneke pis from Belgium …

  9. Good to see you back out and about Ged. I had one of those george 3rd gaming tokens last week, nice finds they are along with the cap badge. think i found a flax seal as as well, first for me LOL. Don't leave it too long mate. HH Tony

  10. Another good hunt in the Dales Ged but what happened to your sound its all muffled. Your gaffs one was as well?
    HH Mal

  11. The item at 2.02 is a mantle clock mechanism frame. Like this one (half way down page)

  12. Lovely to see you are out and about again. That 3rd object looks like a gasket. I remember finding a compass like yours when I was a child about the late 40s. Made in the 2nd World War for the Army ?

  13. Hello Ged
    The cutlery handle was produced by a German metalware and silverplate factory called Gebruder Noelle (Noelle Brothers) of Luedenscheid. The company was still in business up until the 1930s.
    Regards Chris.

  14. Great finds Ged. The thing at 6:30 with the glass may have been a little compass. I found one that size and was constructed the same way. I believe it may have been attached to something larger at one time.

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