CBS Miami’s Amber Diaz reports on the four suspects wanted for assaulting two gay men on Miami Beach turning themselves in.


  1. Gay people should "carry-concealed". My partner and I do and have done for many years now. Our attitude is we do not look for trouble but if trouble comes to us we will not be defenseless.

  2. Completely senseless. I left my country of Libya more than 25 years ago because of thugs like these. Hope justice is keen and swift for these punks!

  3. God bless you guy's I feel for you and would like to pay your hospital bills etc..for a year till next festy please mobile9 companies…

    I don't like this stuff as it's happening to me again by these stupid kinda mean people…i ended up at New Smyrna Beach Florida pride festival how cool even seen Queen's performance
    I'm cleaning forest around Florida and that day of pride festival I ran from five federal agencies because haters n worse called to get nieghbors property z coded because of nasty blue invasive flowers they don't even know true but sad I ended up with wet pants???hurt my pride but I'm sure this is very immature to.. God bless you seem like beautiful people sorry $$mobile9???

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