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Vid from earlier today:
The best men’s fragrances, at least I think so 🙂
*Guerlain Heritage:
*Dior Sauvage:
*Tom Ford Noir:
*Dior Eau Sauvage:
*Kilian Intoxicated:
*Terre De Hermes:
♡Magic combo:
*Hermes Rouge:
*Hermes Elixir De Marvielles:

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  1. You have to try Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. It’s a woman’s fragrance and one of my Favorites but would be very sexy on a man

  2. You actually know this stuff. Most of the time when I see reviews from people outside the frag community, I only see Bleu de Chanel, La Nuit, Paco Rabanne being mentioned. They are just repeating what millions of dollars of marketing has ingrained in their psyche.

  3. Well done! I love this video. Thanks for linking the fragrances in the description. I'm female and adore men's fragrances.

  4. Can you review some Le Labo fragrances? I just bought some samples and am deciding between Neroli 36 and Fleur d'Oranger 27. Plus I'd want to know what man/woman they remind you of haha

  5. Hi, how about the Juicy Couture line? Could you do a review on their new release, Majestic Woods, please ? 🙂

  6. you cant say fragrances have no gender only because youre gay and you like to smell as a woman ¡ dont talk shit men . respect people who create fragrances for woman and men¡ you wrong about what you said .you totally wrong.

  7. Charles you are frigging HILARIOUS with your descriptions. I showed my wife your vid and we were dying laughing! You are very creative and entertaining, you need to walk around a department store and give us a vivid description of every fragrance you smell!

    That would be a GREAT video! Lol

  8. I love the scent of sandalwood even though they use it for men's scent I use men's Old spice sometimes lol

  9. You don't do perfume reviews/vids exclusively but you're my fave fragrance youtuber! It's just so much fun watching your vids and hearing about your descriptions of the perfumes and what they remind you of. Please do keep making these frag reviews! I can never find anyone who does frags marketed towards women so you are a godsend! Thank you very much and keep it up! <3

  10. Charles you looove parfum as I do! May I suggest you try De Marly fragrances. I purchased Pegasus for my bf and he loves it. I love your taste my friend. ?

  11. charles. this video was brilliant. you are a gifted storyteller. i was somewhere between laughter and amazement during your vivid descriptions of the men.

  12. Hey Charles, I went to Macys they had 5 different Chanel 5 Witch one you have =D LOL Please link the one down below so i can get that one. thanks man!!

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