1964 UK newsreel footage of bank holiday tourists enjoying the seaside…until it gets nasty due to invading mods and rockers.

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  1. I was asked in the playground at school in Margate if I was a Mod or Rocker, without knowing what was what I said Rocker and got walloped, the next time I was asked I said Mod, and got walloped……bastards!

  2. damn those long-haired hooligans!
    they should have relaxed, fighting is part of the british culture and has been for several thousand years

  3. How many got killed in those times, or even really seriously injured ?………….Unlike the beasts nowadays ?!

  4. i remember when jiks amd clams came down with their scooters. You guys remember the hell that broke lose that day? That happened by pop's store front. we could see all the grandpappys just losing it !!!!!   ha, man o man.

  5. reports abound on the 1964 battle at margit between the mods and rockers, one can only imagine the scene when mayhem struck the sleepy swimmy population of 55, flooded by hundreds of punch n judy specatators who left the comfy grass and swing sets to join in the clobbering. locals were horrified to find out that the punch n judy show continued to play and wondered why on earth a clobbering puppet show did not join in on the blood sport festivities.

  6. I was a rocker in the 1960's and was at Brighton, Margate and Blackpool and I can tell you most of the fighting, if not all was chasing one another, getting or receiving a couple of punches and that was that. I was arrested and fined 10 pounds for wearing a motorcycle chain belt because it was not in the loops on my jeans. 

  7. Whilst the second half of the video is Margate the first bit looks more like Brighton, good video though

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