1. Adrian was stupid enough to get himself busted let him get himself out of that mess. I just hope Deran doesn't concern himself with Adrian's troubles.

  2. Que merda você foi fazer Adrian. Foi muito burro, se queria dinheiro ilícito era melhor fazer uns trabalhos com o Deran porque pelo menos o Deran é esperto, não ia ser pego assim. Que venha a quarta temporada e que Adrian e Deran fiquem juntos nem que seja na cadeia kk

  3. I'm happy because Adrian is alive, sad for this ridiculous drug story, I hope the series has a happy ending for my loves, Deran and Adrian, and do not bring Linc back, nothing against him but everything against him with Deran . #AdrianDeranForever.

  4. Estoy viendo la ley y el orden uve y aparece el actor q hace de Adrian es el capitulo 12×16 Exhibicion. Esta con el pelo largo

  5. Do these people own anything that they actually worked for legally and not stolen? From what little I've seen, everything and I mean everything was obtained illegally and this trollish-looking woman acts as if they worked for it all.

  6. omg how am i supposed to wait now i can't imagine adrian that soft gay sweet person in the jail this will change him and will change his relationship with deran i hope they can overcome all this shit cause they deserve a happy life season 4 better be all about my boys or imma kick somebody!

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