Mongering Havana Cuba July 2015
Staying in an apartment in Vedado for $30 a night
Meet a cute Mulatto chica in centro first night invites me into her casa. Meet many chicas around centro walking around in the evening including having threesomes. Chicas go from $30 to $50 off the street. Tried a few nightclubs like casa de la musica in Centro and RIo formerly Johnnies. Lots of chicas available along the malecon in the evening and through the night


  1. Well done! I love the way that you documented your travel story, I learnt so much about life in Cuba.  Thanks for sharing . A+++++

  2. Nice photos and videos. I like the oversaturated colors. The silence captures the moment.. Looks so very rich in culture, and such, while living in past ruins.

  3. great pictures! you have a good eye. your video gave me a feeling of the real Cuba. what kind of camera did you use?

  4. Boring ass mongering video, nothing more than a tourist video with the insinuation that you were actually banging chicks.

  5. so an apartment cost you $30 a night and you paid like $30, 50, 70 for some? If CUC$ for US$ is 1:1, Sounds like you were paying too much! The waitress was the best looking one out of all of them.

  6. Not even done with the video but great stuff so far! I'm curious about the monger scene there, but a lot of the veterans and geezers are sour about the incoming tourist waves. I'm look at the casas and I'm wondering where you found chica friendly ones? I'm also kinda stumped on exchange, the CUC is pegged to the dollar 1:1 and that is seriously disappointing for someone looking for a budget vacation.

  7. I liked a lot of your photos and the shot of the sunset at the end was beautiful, very well done. I have to say though, I did not really find any of the girls in your video particularly attractive, certainly not enough for me to pay for sex with them.

  8. PAUL I'm 36 just got back from AC , I Been to pattaya and cambodia. now i'm looking to visit cuba. hey let me know if you wanna monger together and i'm serious!!

  9. . #CasaCuba406
    Echa un vistazo a este anuncio en Airbnb, Historical CASA CUBA in Vedado.

  10. Cuba is a beautiful place for vacation is very sad for those people back there because time stop there decades ago nothing is a
    update see cars houses building etc hope soon thing change is sad to see pretty girls working in the street/.

  11. nos parece que Cuba fué bella pero los castros lo deterioraron parce que aquel lugar quedó paralizado hace cien años.

  12. A good portrait of Cuba by the eyes of an active single man. All he says is true. I've spent holidays in Cuba each year since 1992 and I agree with him. The only thing the video cannot say is that if you meet the right girl (of course not in a go go bar) a part of you remains there and you cannot forget for all of your life.

  13. Sintesi: la vacanza a Cuba vista con gli occhi di un single rampante. Dal 92 vado a Cuba tutti gli anni e devo dire che il video dice la verità. La sola cosa che non dice è che se incontri la ragazza giusta ci lasci una parte di te stesso e non dimentichi per tutta la vita.

  14. Very nice video n pix, mate. I'm in Florida so will probably go to Cuba soon. Are almost all the working girls black or dark mulatto? I'm used to more white Cubans. Also, what about crime and/or being ripped off? So these stomach problems are a constant issue there?

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  16. how much did you spend on girls in total, I'm planning to go there this Christmas and I'm planning to be with a few girls

  17. Is a good video to highlight the lie and hypocrisy of the Cuban government. How the hotels can have plenty of food, drink and all commodities but they can't seem to be able to supply nor allow the same for the Cuban people. It seems the embargo keeps things away from Cubans and not tourists.

  18. Again – astounding eye for composition and detail – authentic Havanna feeling comes across – NOT a fan of bargirl stuff (as you know) – but, like commercials, I let it go, just because your perspective of the place really comes across – if you made a serious travel channel you could be deservedly huge on YouTube, man……:_)

  19. How's your Spanish? Were you the one doing the approaching? Did you chat up the one at 8:04? She's a hottie.

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