Apparent stomach virus runs through ship.

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  1. The "stomach flu" is the viral gastroenteritis caused by noroviruses. Those noroviruses exiting human bodies with fecal masses (aka "poop"). Failure of washing hands after defecating leads to spearing of noroviruses on door handles, food, via hand shaking etc. Some strains of viruses can cause "stomach flu" when only 3-4 of those are ingested.
    Happy appetite and joyful travel with the mates and crew collected from who knows what sub-populations!

  2. Stay away from exotic foods, seafood, even the ice machines on cruise ships. If you are unsure its cooked properly reheat your food in a microwave.

  3. People just don't learn. These ships are treated like a ATM by the owners and run on almost no repairs to the ship and do you know the poo water gets mixed in with the fresh water. And then they cook with it and serve it to you

  4. I've said this for a decade or more I will never go on a cruise ship because of exactly this type of thing… you're not catching me 300 miles out in the ocean with no doctors or no police or military forget that

  5. I've never understood the herd mentality. My idea of "getting away" is a wilderness adventure where I won't see another human for a month at least.

  6. I say bots it was literally a floating toilet shit galore. Poor laundry having to clean all those brown skidmarks underwear. The old British Merchant seamen in the 1940s when being attacked by German submarines used to call the shits the screaming ab-dabs!

  7. This is the only thing that has stopped me from going on a cruise!!! It seems like i'm always hearing about people getting ill on these ships!!! Can anybody explain why this happens so frequently?

  8. Never been on a cruise ship but I've had stomach virus before.Unsafe food handeling maybe.I worked food service and I seen it before.

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