Mrs. Doubtfire is a family comedy, but this critic decided to make things really gross. This movie review is really strange! SUBSCRIBE to BossLevel8!


  1. Can we make a radio out of a coconut? Yes, but we can't fix our boat.

    I'm going to use that if I ever play that Pyramid game and Gillian's Island is the clue.

  2. Just need to add – kids' IQ isn't lower – their knowledge is not developed yet, as they have a lot of world to discover, but they are getting there (unlike some critics)

  3. I just watched the Mulan one and now this….once again, I'm so glad I discovered y'all because this killing me!! And YYAASSSS to your Bowie shirt!!!

  4. Heh. Kinda makes you wonder if that guy talksĀ that way all the time or just in his reviews…

  5. Yeah, I remember how hard it was to come out as a comedian to my parents. They just didn't understand me. šŸ˜›

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