My best friend of seven years and I (both 20) have discussed our curiousities before but nothing like a few night ago. We drunkenly video chatted and began talking about fashion which led to facial hair, comparing bodies then about how we see each other physically.

He started talking about how he likes my body and face and me and our friend are the type of guy that he would want to get intimate with if he would. He then told a story about a moment that he had with that friend where they were watching a movie, sharing a blanket, and giggling with each other in his basement. Once they made eye contact he realized he wanted to kiss him and see where it went, but never did. Soon after in the conversation he said he wanted to lean in and kiss me because of the way I was looking when we were getting coffee the night before! (This isn’t too far out of the realm of things he’s said before with others)

Bu tonight he bought some clothes that fit his form more than usually and snapped me pics and videos showing off how he looked, which was nothing like him. Something just clicked, and just like that I had my first physical/sexual feelings towards a guy.

This is such an indescribable feeling! I’ve always been open to trying but never have actually desired kiss a guy before and now I cant stop thinking about how anything would feel with him.

While I’m not looking for any advice for the *immediate* future, if I were to ask for your personal guidance to pursue this, what would you say? I think he secretly wants to try too, and think it would be a healthy worthwhile experience for both of us.

P.S. On an honest downer note, I do have a bad habit of being overbearingly sexual and develop a sort of compulsion for sex in relationships, and even mistaking these feelings for love. This has ended up playing a major factor in breakups. This is a recent revelation after a long reflection on past relationships and I’m determined to become the partner I know I am. He’s heard my thoughts on this whole thing but it’s something I want to lay down here because if this happens to develop, he’s my best friend and I don’t want that to change 🙂


  1. Yeah be careful with that. You’ve got a long time friend and if experimenting goes wrong, it’s gonna be awkward af

  2. I agree with original poster. Tread carefully, don’t lost a long term friend over perhaps a temporary infatuation. I’d err on caution, you can always experiment with others. Who knows it could be a good thing, but after sex sometimes things can get weird AF and in your PS you even indicate some red flags.

  3. Sex with a friend is a risk. You can either continue to be friends or you may lose them. I think mixing sex and a friendship can either bring you closer or it can ruin the friendship. Unfortunately, I have ruined friendships because of this. Getting drunk with friends and having sex has led to us not really being friends anymore which is sad! Sometimes there are hidden feelings and when you or the other person does not feel the same, that’s when it all goes down the drain.

  4. I’m following you on this story. Please keep us posted.
    Nothing we say will change what you have already decided. Go and do what your heart tell you but make sure you don’t lose your friend. He seem like a great guy and I’m kinda scared thinking he might want more from you. Well, don’t break his heart, alright. XX

  5. Ok well i would take a step back and breathe.

    First course of action i HIGHLY suggest is to help redirect your emotions when thinking about what you wanna do with him. I’m not saying “don’t think about him at all” I’m saying that when you do think of him, say for instance you think of kissing him or whatever, also remind yourself “Though i want to kiss this guy, i also appreciate what we have now and I’m content with it stayin where it is”

    I find that some people really fall in love with the ideas in their head and it hurts them and the other person in the long run, so i really suggest friend to friend that you try this.

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