This happens every time. When I’m reading something on my phone, he always asks me what I’m reading and when I said ‘nothing’, he always get mad. He thinks I’m hiding something. He tends to snatch my phone. Even though I said don’t read it, he always force me to give my phone to him. Its just I don’t wanna share it, he seems like he’s not respecting my privacy and my decision. He said he doesn’t like when I’m hiding something. But sometimes I just wanna be alone and do my stuff alone. This just confuses me. And he is confused why I’m mad at him. Well, its because he is fucking nosy! He just doesn’t want to accept it and he got A LOT of pride.

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  1. Either you’ve done something in the past to arouse his suspicion, you’re currently doing something now to arouse his suspicion, or he’s too insecure and you’re fanning flames to his insecurity by being more secretive than you usually are.

    These things require a sensible talk. Whinging about it only becomes a detriment, unless you’ve already decided to dump him and by posting in reddit, you’re unconsciously asking the people to agree with your decision and justify the impending break-up.

  2. Sounds like he has trust issues and you’re more interested in your privacy. I wouldn’t dump him for asking or getting upset, but snatching your phone is a deal breaker. I’d end things over that if I were in your shoes.

  3. I, personally feel that, he may have a few things he is hiding as well. Focus on your issues and avoid his. Narcissistic behavior

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