The Daily Show revisits some of Donald Trump’s biggest Twitter scandals, including “covfefe” and calling Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man.”

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  1. The supporters are sooo JOKE, the CARNIVALS group's are confused???makes America HATE again?…
    FOLKS:i apologized, it's MY observation, THIS NATION is so divided..

  2. Well im kinda disappoint they left out the robert pattinson kristen stewart tweets but um…ok, #trumlight #newMOlania #ivanclipce #breakingdon

  3. What do you guys think of our webseries?

  4. News is so fucked up these days. Its all bullshit. People need to come up with a new term for all this bullshit.

  5. someone should start a rumor that trump has no penis because i'm really curious to see just how far he'll go to protect his ego…

  6. Saying Trump is a white supremacist isn't even an insult! So much democracy and freedom of speech for a civilized western country which exports such good over the globe!

  7. I actually love Twitter but I love your show way more! Can you show Trevor my What’s up Trump app please? I made it with a new Microsoft Product without any code:

  8. this is a PSA:

    Most Asian cultures use the surname FIRST. They're all named Kim because it's their surname. It's not their first names. It's their family name.

  9. 4:55 "Anyone called you big Luther before you met Trump?" In the background "YEP!". And he still goes on to claim that was his idea.

  10. this was fucking awesome…as a 42 year old….i hope in a generation it is used in history class.

    edit: also i pray for a communist STAR TREK utopia…..not a MAD MAX dystopia.

  11. I was typing yesterday and sudenly I felt a stabing pain in my neck, after that I looked to my compter, and I saw the last word I wrote was so misspelled I couldn't believe I wrote it. Most likely that's what happen to Trump when he tweeted Covfefe.

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