What does it say about me that a friend sent me the first pic in this post by text asking if I knew who the model was and I instantly replied with the right answer? It’s Thierry Pepin, of course, a man we have adored numerous times on the blog, and one who I will never get over.

I think I know what it is about him, too.

Sure, he’s gorgeous, he’s ripped, and he’s not too shy about showing off that long uncut cock, but he’s also got that 90’s rocker look that I really enjoy. Dare I say that he even looks a little like Brandon Lee?

The little scar on his upper lip (which seems to have happened after he became a male model) is one of the hottest things about him too, and I have no idea why. Let me know in the comments if you think that adds to his sexiness, and let me know why you think that might be.

So, after my friend triggered my infatuation with the guy this morning I had to get out there and see if there were more of those underwear shots we hadn’t seen before on the blog. To be honest, even if we’ve seen one or two of these pics before I don’t think any of you will be complaining about seeing them again.

He’s gorgeous, and while I think I did prefer him before he got all the ink, I would not be kicking him out of my bed if he found himself in it.

Enjoy, leave a comment, let me know your thoughts. Have a great Monday!

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