Russian guys in speedos at Elia gay beach in Mykonos Greece in September 2009.


  1. in latin americas , mediterranean , slavic countries , australia, new zealand, speedos are
    worn by straight men

  2. greeks are intruder in the mideteranean they came from a distant part of east Asia
    these migrations were called ''the barbaric migrations" to the West of the world

  3. I much rather wear a speedo, they give you a feeling of freedom. while playing in the water. baggy shorts just don't do that for you. you feel weighted down. and ya my wife likes to see me in them as well. try it you might just like it. like I did.

  4. Nothing wrong with this – wearing a speedo does not make one gay. I actually prefer wearing speedos instead of baggy shorts. It's also a great motivator for keeping in shape. Before you ridicule someone for wearing one, you should try it yourself – you may find that you really like it. And you also have the added benefit of getting tan on almost all of your body (less white spots). And before you assume… my wife loves seeing me in my speedos!

  5. They aren't gay, lot of people wear them. Everyone after 30yo wear these things and i dont know why! It's too old!!

  6. Yes my friend, many Greeks wear them, doesnt mean they are gay, yet many many Greeks yell "gay" at them…

  7. In Greece, wearing speedo is gay unfortunately friends… of course wearing speedo does not mean you are gay (those Russians are by the way..).. Do not wear speedo in Greece..

  8. They look so sexy that I better not be there with them in the near future. Otherwise, I will "grab" them by their man "bikinis", lick them, and kiss them ALL OVER-LOL.

  9. @aviomaster Not everyone wears them. But there's nothing gay about them. I wear them when i use the pool at the gym I go to. I will wear them under my swim shorts, but my swim shorts are way above the knee.

  10. @PungiFungi Well said. Nobody is forced to wear speedos, but in Muslim countries, women don't have a choice, they must wear burquas. Speedos are swimwear – PERIOD. They don't make someone gay.

  11. @rociotanante , actually everybody outside of the enthnocentric USA wears them. And I suppose dressing women up in burqas is "culture" too,

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