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This is my complilation of postcards and photographs of Myrtle Beach South Carolina history timeline. Starting in 1905 with a railroad spur from Conway to New Town (Myrtle Beach) with photos of the historic Pavilion,Seaside Inn,Chapin’s Co. the first Boardwalk and more. Myrtle Beach became an official town in 1938 and a city in 1957.
I’ve tried to put them in order the best I could. Check out my Youtube channel for my video Mom and Pop Inns along the Grand Strand for more historic info. The new boardwalk is open !!!
Have A ? I may have the answer.

Quit Wish’in Go Fish’in
Cathooker2 2008

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  1. thank you for posting these videos. i find it amazing that at 26 years old, i can see pictures of this town and recognize things from over 100 years ago. i cant believe how much its changed just since i graduated in june 2000. i called my dad and we spent over an hour talking about these videos you have. my grandfather and my great uncles built so many of those hotels with their father, and my dad was telling me crazy stories about eating at bell's when he was a kid.

  2. great best I have viewed anywhere! Thanks for sharing and keep on doing what you love….. Boomer 51

  3. Use to shag at the Pavalion at MB in the fifties.  I am 80 now and it still makes me happy to cruise Ocean Boulevard.

  4. Excellent description and video to watch about the beach and useful to know about it. myrtlebeachmlssearch(dot)com


  6. You forgot to include Ma Baggett's and The Rec….also, remember that it was Bill Kitchens from Winston-Salem (or was he originally from Fayetteville) who started the Putt-Putts…wish I could remember the souvenir shop I used to work at during the summers….many a fond memory of good ol' MB when I was at RJR High School in W-S 1951-1955….

  7. @dmtmjones thanks for commenting.
    check out my video mom and pop inns along the grand strand for more.

  8. great beach… too bad they imploded the old hotel… I stayed at a camprground on the beach in 72, i think it's a hotel now…

  9. From Chris
    I am a HUGE Myrtle Beach fan. I grew up going to the Seaside Inn and talking to a Mrs Gauze…I think her name was. She had a bell hop named Coleman. I have so many memories of staying there, eating at the Krispie Kreme Doughnut shop built in to the hotel and walking to the arcades on Ocean Boulevard and eating at Peaches. Then in high school we would flock to The Magic Attic to hear Sugarcreek!!! LOL.

  10. i wonder why they took the pavilan down i missed that place and my dads friend was at the tornado in 2001 it was scary

  11. this is cool to see the history of MB
    my parents moved down here from WV in 1989 and i Came along in 1995

  12. awesome…makes me so home sick..even though there is practically nothing left from the good ole days

  13. I had an appendectomy at OVH in 59. Lived in OD from 57 til 64. It was a magical place to be a teenager during the summers.

  14. Last summer we had a blast in MB. We even walked accross the inlet, an ordinary ocurrance for the locals but complete utter adventure for us. Lots of things to do. LOVE MB

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