Had such an amazing time at Aninite 2015! Thanks to everyone who asked for a picture, gave me presents or just hugged me! I LOVE YOU ♥ Until next year!

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♥♥♥ U guys ♥♥♥


  1. Oh woher hast du dieses wundervolle Jeannecosplay? Ich suche schon so ewig danach und finde einfach nie eins..wunderschön. <3

  2. War echt nice dich wieder zu treffen, vorallem cool dassd dich an lisa und mich (die vom flughafen) erinnert hast :3

  3. zum glück hat mir ne freundin gesagt das sie dich gesehen hat..ich bin voll ausgetickt wie ich dich gesehen habe o.o xD

  4. omg, my friend and I took a photo with you. You're sooooooo awesome! BIG respect that you endured the shoes (sailor moon cosplay) the whole day!!!

    ps.: I bought these cute fishies too 😀 <3

  5. Does anyone know why Lisa is not around much anymore? Did she move or does he spend a lot of time with his "boyfriend" (do not know if that man he is with a lot his his boyfriend or not)? Or they just don't spend a lot of time together just cause??

  6. Than you for sharing your experience at the convention. I bet it was nice to know you were loved and appreciated there. Thank you for the things you did show. There was a lot going on and you let us into your experience from the event. I hope you get cool off. I am so sorry you were so hot. Please take care.

  7. Lol when she said her name in japanese she added "ka/か" at the end making it a question. Therefore so adorable *,^

  8. Aquamarin you are beautiful as a woman or man. Very few men can be made up like a woman and look beautiful and you are the King/Queen of drag. I hope you get 10 million followers so you can get a silver YouTube plaque. Schoener Mann und Frau wie Ich habe nicht gesehen.

  9. würdest du vielleicht nächstes jahr zum Japan day in Düsseldorf kommen am 21 Mai? wäre total toll

  10. Those shirtless guys were cosplaying as Rin and Haruka from Free! If only Makoto or Sousuke was around.

  11. Eeeee, hello! This is Dipper from the Gravity Falls cosplay group ^^ It was so so so great meeting you, hope to see you around sometime again! <33 Sending many hugs from Slovenia :3

  12. Ich war oben im 2ten Stock mit ner Cosplaygruppe am Sonntag (ich glaub es war sonntag) und wir haben ne freundin gesucht. Und ich hab dich gesehn und fang nur so an. Wir suchen unsere Sailor Pluto und wen find ich ? Aquamarin als Sailor Moon XD Meine Freundin so: NEE wrong person XD wär aber gern zu dir hin gegangen und hät dich gern begrüßt 😀

  13. Singst du die Version von "I'm blue" im outro? Wenn ja könntest du vielleicht die komplette Version hochladen? 🙂

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