Ever been to a public bath/sauna in Korea or in your country? What was the experience like? ^^

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  1. I went to Korean sauna in Shanghai and IT WAS SUPERB. The place was neat,calm and people made me feel comfortable and welcome. The best part was to see naked parents and grandparents with their children; taking great care of their kids.

  2. I might have to go to one if it gives convidince as i am not comfortable naked or seen that way. i am watching all these kind of videos.

  3. Most of these things were really similar to a normal swim place in germany exept for the old lady that scrubs you but when u go to a swim place with a sauna inside youget all of the massage and the steaming and so on and it's usually that the sauna is sperate from the actually swimming pools ,the sauna and the swimming areas are both mixed genders but it's optional if u go with a towel or without also usually their is one day in the week just for woman so that' are the ones with a sauna included also the regular ones have different pools with different temperatures and the showers and the hairdryers, some places even have a little sauna inside next to the swimming pools where you can go in with your swimming suits so this whole thing in korea doesn't sound that special to me exept the naked part it's common here to and oh we always have places to sit and usally a restaurant to go to ,so it's pretty great

  4. There's TOTALLY a stigma about being freely naked in the UK, like its taboo or something. Unless you're a little kid. And even then I find myself thinking 'What about all the people who are into child porn???' And this mindset of the taboo of public nakedness translates into sooooo many aspects of my life

  5. I´m also from Finland, and like being naked in the sauna (Finnish invention) is normal for us. We don´t look our bodies, everyone can be themselves. Sauna is like a church for Finnish people. We take it seriously. No hanky panky in the sauna.
    And my winter hobby is ice swimming. So we go to sauna, then in the frozen lake, then sauna again, etc. and we keep doing this until we feel like we don´t want to do it again. And it is amazing.
    But I would love to try Korean sauna someday….

  6. It's a concept from stupid religion mostly Christians in the US that teaches Americans to be ashamed of their body.

  7. Sweden especially northern parts have a lot of culture with saunas. Though in Sweden it's called bastu. And we don't care about nudity, there are naked saunas for both sexes to share also. But the most common is one for women and one for men.

    In highschool my class both girls and boys would share the sauna and we only had towels covering the most private parts of the body… Though Swedes don't have it as high temperature as finnish people usually have. Which is sad..

  8. The girl in the video hasn't been in the "hangout portion", yet, because she spends all her time licking assholes in the "bath house portion".

  9. I am from germany and it is really common here to go nacked. There are some saunas where you can stick to your clothes though 😀 And some of my friends are totally shy about going nacked to a sauna though it is common here :))

  10. i swear you guys are one of cutest couple on youtube i get so happy looking at you guys its honestly adorkable

  11. My body is not beautiful but I don't care: there are places where being naked is only right and a sauna/spa is one of those, even a mixed one.
    We should start to behave like grown-ups and DE-sexualise nudity. People from the US, especially, should get a grip: why is a naked body taboo whereas the same body with a few square inches of lycra is alright?
    A body is simply a body, it's our minds that need to get out of the gutter.

  12. I'm from Europe and I'm really afraid of being naked. I know so many people who are scared as well. It's more like my mom and her generation is not really afraid, but as youg people these days are having all those beauty standarts and all that, they are not as comfortable with their bodies.

  13. It's the same thing in Japanese onsens – you get naked, take a shower, go soak in the onsen (just that there's no temperature-regulated pools), get out, dry up and get ready tp go. I went to one when my school's orchestra was on a performance tour in Japan and the experience was _ I was pretty lucky because all the girls were on their period so they couldn't go. At the same time I was unlucky because I was all by myself and had to go through the correct steps. I've never worn a bikini in my entire life let alone being naked in front of people but after showering I went to the outdoor onsen where there was NOBODY ☺️ but later a lady in her 40s came in but was very polite and asked me whether she could sit in the pool… she shamelessly poured water over her shoulders and didn't mind me seeing her private parts… it's all culture I feel. It should be normal for people of the same gender to be 'naked', after all we're quite the same!

  14. I heard when foreigners go they get a lot of stares in general just because they're foreigners, especially if they're not Asian. Did you find this to be true?

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