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Camera Location:
Xinzhuang District is an inner-city district in the western part of New Taipei in northern Taiwan.
It has an area of 19.74 km².
Area: 7.622 mi²
Weather: 76°F (24°C), Wind SW at 3 mph (5 km/h), 83% Humidity
Population: 413,443 (Jan 2016)

頭前庄站(Touqianzhuang Station) | 新北市新莊區
出口1(Exit 1)思源路(Siyuan Rd.) (right side partial view)
出口2(Exit 2)大漢橋(Dahan Bridge) (left side partial view)

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Camera Location: XinZhuang, New Taipei City
Taiwan (Northern Part of Taiwan)

NetCamLIVE – Taiwan – Live Stream@New Taipei City #1/3
NetCamLIVE – Taiwan – Live Stream@New Taipei City #2/3

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