Fitness trainer Chris Conrad will show you how to get nice abs with a few focused exercises. Get ready to show off your abs after this fat-blasting routine from Your Best Body.

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Your Best Body:

It’s time to get sexy with Your Best Body. Shape, sculpt, and tone your trouble zones with customized workouts from fitness trainers Rebekah Adams and Chris Conrad. Each episode of Your Best Body will focus on perfecting one area of your body at a time. Follow the whole circuit to achieve the body of your dreams, and everyone else’s too.


  1. This is an old video, but the one bit of advice guy gives here is one that is incredibly wrong. 
    "Hold for as long as you can and your body will let you know when it's time to stop." 
    Sure, it will. But that's your current level of strength. You're trying to push past that, and achieve more than you already can. 
    If you feel like giving out, push 20 more seconds. Eventually that 20 seconds won't be anymore difficult than the first 10, and so on. 

    Don't let your body give out the first time around, especially on exercises such as planks. They're not that stress inducing to the point of injury.

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  6. are you meant to do ALL the typres of excerises or do you just choose 1 and stick with it? how many sets should you be doing?

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