I am dating an older man, his preferred method of communication is texting. I feel I don’t trust him, because all his answers are vague. Every message of him always ends with a “?”.
We have been together for less than 2 months, he sometimes sends a heart symbol, which I think it might be too soon. He never kisses, and only enjoy touching in bed. He is very conservative.
Although I told him, I prefer not texting. His messages are sometimes repetitive, like I am going out for dinner with friends. He would never mention a name or location. It is obvious he enjoys texting, What should I do?


  1. Block and run. I had a similar experience and the person lied by omission and I ended up with HPV. In my opinion, if they can’t give a straight answer and contribute to a conversation they are hiding something that they think you would disapprove of.

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