How are you doing? Well we hope! We are so so happy to finally announce that we will be the first ever Ambassadors for Big Potato Games! AD
Anyone who follows us social know that we love playing games! You may know Big Potato from games such as ‘Obama Lama’ & ‘Bucket Of Doom’
This is the first of many videos in collaboration with Big Potato Games!!

Let us know what kind of challenges you would like to see us play!!



For 20% off any Game!!

Thanks for watching you beautiful bunch!!!

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  1. without the added fun of disgusting food forfeits the game would actually be horribly boring… i think you guys would have been better not sponsoring them 🙁

  2. You guys are hilarious. This looks like a fun game. Looking forward to seeing the next one. We need to do a game night together someday!

  3. Who in their right mind doesn't like potato salad??? It's amazing. Also, if you want to go off the rules, then Jon lost the first round because Dan gave him ONE answer and he didn't get any of the other ones.

  4. Wishing I was there with you both…..hilarious… it’s pride in Quebec City this week end so Happy Pride…❤️🧡💜💙💚💛

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