Good morning my lovelies! I do hope your week has started well. Mine began with an interesting email from a friend down in Australia, he sent me some pics of one of his recent surfing trips and half of them were of him and his friends totally butt naked at the beach.

I have never wanted to get on a plane so fast lol

I have no idea what the occasion was, but it seemed as though he was spending a weekend with some of his buddies at the beach and clothes were increasingly optional.

Before you ask, of course I begged him to be able to share the photos with you guys, but getting permission from all his buddies would have been impossible. So, instead, I’ve attempted to deliver a similar experience with some very sexy guys all showing off their butts and dicks in beach-themed nudity!

These photos should give you a pretty good idea of the kind of images he sent me this morning.

Doesn’t this post just make you wish you were “down under”? lol

Enjoy these gorgeous guys letting it all hang out together, and make sure you leave a comment below and say hi. Let me know if you’ve ever been to a nude beach, or just been naked surfing with your buddies!

Have a fab Monday, remember not to work too hard 🙂

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