On our last full day in Munich, Agent M and I went to the Englischer Garten (English Garden) to take in some nature and drink some beer. I’d been told that there were a few areas in the park that were designated as Freikoerperkultur (FKK) areas, where full nudity is allowed and encouraged. So, I figured, while in Munich, do as the Müncheners do!

As an aside, topless sunbathing is not really considered nudity in Germany, which is why I was a bit disappointed not to see scores of topless women all over the park….

We also checked out the surfing area on the man-made Eisbach, where the water enters the park on the southern end. Pretty impressive! Technically surfing is legal, although swimming in the water is not, which is strange. But apparently a few people have drowned in the heavy current, and there were also reports of glass and other dangerous stuff on the bottom of the stream. So, since I still had four weeks left in my trip, I held off on the illegal and potentially dangerous swimming. Definitely going to do it next time, though.

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Intro music (“Heavy Metal Polka”) by Leonard Kinsey.

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  1. What is the biggest problem with nudists? Only men are fucking nude. Women sits in those places fully clothed. It should be clear, if you are not nude go away.

  2. In my country we say…..
    When wealth is lost , than something is lost
    When health is lost , something is lost.
    When character is lost everything is lost.
    Our body is the most sacred part of our life…it's our very sensitive part.
    If it was not why do we wear clothes…u must go with Ur sister,mother,and to office ,school with ur necked body

  3. btw: despite many of us (Germans) being okay with nudity, filming/taking pictures without consent is usually regarded as being very rude!

  4. Maybe there's no boobs as they know you just want to perv at them. Do you have to be vulgar American and think just because you can do something, then do it to the extreme for the sake of it? Getting over excited by naked bodies isn't much different then men in middle east countries who go into a frenzy if they see a woman's arms

  5. I like how this guy embraces himself in the nude. I read in a health magazine that male nudity is actually very healthy because it helps the body to breathe, adds to your life and builds confidence. For those who don't have a six pack or whatever, you don't need it to be like this. This guy feels sexy about himself which is great.

  6. About ten years ago there were about a thousand naked Germans of both sexes around Noon on a warm day lazing about the English Garden.

  7. Since the day you released the intro I've been wondering what the hell the context was around the naked shot. So happy to finally understand! My only question is, why didn't Agent M join you in the naked grass laying merriment?

  8. You would never catch me naked laying on the grass… grass reminds me of ants and ants around my penis and my butt is probably not a smart choice ahahaha

  9. Its ALWAYS the less attractive people willing to get naked – which is exactly why I wouldn't do it…..Aint no one wanna see what I got. LOL

  10. haha…..thats right, Leonard…..We gotta get more naked than Rick to compete!!!!!! (in my imaginary managers voice) That little river looked pretty damned dangerous. The surfing footage was awesome. btw……that musta been some kinda beer….hahahaha

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