It’s not that I don’t understand you or where you come from. I do. I just don’t agree with your logic because it’s not based on facts. I consider it a story you, like many other people who are confortable with racist actions but not the racist label use to be able to justify the unjustifiable.

Not understanding and disagreeing are two different things.

Your grasp on immigration data reveals the depth and lack of your lack of interest in anything to do it you have. It’s the skin deep, generalising type of comment that you get in a bar.

You called me ( and I presume the people around this site) leftie. Its not something that offends me. I embrace it with a smile. What I would be interested to know is wether you consider yourself a conservative.

Because a conservative person usually believes in freedom, self reliance from the state, resiliency and enterprise. According to most statistic proof available these immigrants you are so ready to deride show just that.

But I digress, this is not about the merits of immigration. It’s about the suitability of the comments of the person who you elected as commander in chief. You sold of Kennedy, Johnson and of Nixon. Nixon is a bad example, because he was actually the first president that listbhis job because of leaked tapes. But wen if Kennedy and Johnson did think and say the things you think they said, they were careful enough to not let it leak because even then they knew the impact it might have on the soft power of the country they represented.

The leader of a country is not a man that speaks the way you or me do, he is supposed to be the moral compass, the ultimate representative of what is best in your country. He is a calling card for the values that your country wishes to stand for. That’s why your local bar racist with no filters is not the president of your country.

Regarding Norway – funny that – leftie liberal country with free healthcare and education and a totally interventionist state – theybdontbwabtbtobcoke here because of things likebthe one your president says.

If you like to pretend that the race of the persons of the countries involved has nothing to do with it, ignoring the vast amount of context and proof that exists already on the subject matter (as you ignore the details of the existing data on immigration) i leavevyoubto it. Whatever helps you sleep.