so here it is, guys! our wedding ceremony that we worked toward for months and even years! this is, of course, the same wedding ceremony that you guys saw during the livestream. but this video is also a bit more up close and personal. this video lets you get a much better look of what everyone in that ceremony, as well as a glimpse of some of the stuff you couldn’t see off camera.

stay tuned for our wedding reception and well wishes from our guests, which will be coming soon!

wanna mail us something? HERE’S THE ADDRESS:
Will Shepherd (the PO Box is in my name)
PO Box 93805
Los Angeles, CA 90093

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also, if today happens to be your birthday, happy birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Congratulations will and RJ best of luck on your marriage and not let no one else take you from each other because you deserve each other will and RJ

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