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The oppression and violence faced by LGBT individuals in Indonesia is fuelling a deadly HIV epidemic. One man living with the infection told us his story.

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  1. Come on, this is no related only with so-called hard line islamists. Sensible person who have some 2 cents of intellects surely know that this is unhealthy way of living also. Especially in indonesia, what do u expect? It's against religion, pancasila, and our own local cultures and norms (adat istiadat). Moreover don't forget guys we don't hate people with lgbt, we only hate their wicked conducts and propaganda. If lgbt person keep their live private, it doesn't bother me at all (like this person in this video). I also smell there is propaganda from western-funded NGOs to advocate lgbts issues in indonesia. My suggestion to u: u will find hard time to indonesia. Because u need to abolish religion, pancasila, traditions, cultures, and norms in indonesia. Not impossible. Indonesia is tolerance but not tolerating any propaganda from western wicked civilization, namely lgbt. Peace

  2. Acceptance should start in the family. I think its the religion that has problem. Correcting someone's gender is not a solution. This is a very big problem. Let LGBT express their side. Or else they will lie and leave the country.Sorry to say but thats my opinion, please respect.

  3. Di negara barat sebaliknya, yg menyuarakan anti LGBT dihujat habis2an. Padahal ngakunya paling demokratis. Jadi pakailah pepatah lama, di mana bumi dipijak…di situ kita berak 😅

  4. As an indonesian, and a CHILD it really hurts to be in the lgbt community because some might say, " kamu terlau muda untuk tau " and yes, i am young tetapi aku tidak buta bahwa aku bisexual, biromantic, dan bigender. Im also afraid of what will happen if my family found out, especially my dad. I love them so much to let them go and everytime i draw lgbt my dad usually finds out and says " Kamu suka cewek? " and i would make up a lame excuse and he would believe it. So this is why it's hard especially me being a child, my religion, the people who care abt you, and being the only lgbt person in the whole entire school, well except the Asexuals that are there uwu

  5. I just wanna admit that as an Indonesian, I feel so ashamed after watching this video. I'm still in junior high, and even the students are bullying the LGBTQ community. But what makes me so ashamed is the fact that people believe and tell each other that LGBTQ is a disease. I love Indonesia, but it makes me so sad that religion is always in the way of tolerance. You can't change yourself once you're LGBT because you're born with it. You're born with it and asking someone to change their sexuality is like asking someone to change their eye color. So stop bullying them because those people are fighting for a right to be treated as a human.

  6. In North America he would be more then Welcomed they Sell and exploit homosexuality by using parades for their propaganda. In elementary schools they teach children that it's okay to be homosexual and they are also aloud to adopt children. They have rainbow colored flags at the schools. Look up homosexual think tanks in how they promote it to the public.

  7. Bagi sobat2 yang beragama kristen protestan ataupun katolik, bagaimana pandangan dalam agama kalian mengenai LGBT?? Apakah di sahkan atau bagaimana??

  8. For indonesian. Just for fun!
    How many of indonesian can accept lgbt and can't accept lgbt. Please comment can for agree, comment can't for disagree .

  9. Well, This is a hot issue in Indonesia. Coz most of Indonesian people are Muslims. and yeah in muslim the LGBT can't be accepeted.
    to be honest , I don't know how to stay away from This . coz I try so many times to keep stay away from that. but it' hard . so , please respect them cause you ,me and them are human. what you need to do as human is to help them for what they want to be. Idk wht to do. I'm lost

  10. saya berteman dan tidak benci LGBT, tapi tidak membenarkan hal tersebut,menurut pengakuan teman2 saya yg ex LGBT, pertama mereka ini kurang tau diri mereka sendiri,trus kebanyakan dari keluarga yg kurang memberi edukasi&lingkungan sekitar yg kurang mendukung.kewajiban kita sekarang adalah mendukung dan membimbing mereka

  11. honestly, i'm indonesian myself but i'll never understand how most people here think. sure, it may oppose your religion but that isn't a reason to meddle into other people's lives and dictate how they should act and feel 🙁

  12. im not indonesian but no country is perfect even mine.
    i pray for a better future for these people. And those who are hiding simply of their preference.

  13. Political suicide?.isnt that works for all democracy government. Majority rules over minority. Then others tried to judge majority with their minority point of view. And the loops going back to it was before. Logical fallacy.

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