Amazing series of owl kills filmed in slow-motion. Watch snowy owls, great gray owls and hawk owls hunting mice and voles in winter. Filmed in northern Alberta, Canada.
High Speed 500 fps 16mm film cinematography. Andrew Manske’s slow motion owl footage. Owl video.

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  1. Owls catch rats. Shoot and poison owls (because they are supposed to be "evil"), and then we have too many rats – simple as that. Using poisons to get rid of the rats that are there because all of the snakes and owls are gone, means that the whole ecosystem is poisoned as well, and besides which, rats develop immunity to poisons after a while.

  2. Andrew wondering how far you had to travel to get this beautiful footage. thank you for making it viewable. wondering also if you have any videos that highlight the capture and kill with the natural sounds involved?

  3. There is no way that random processes or some evolutionary theory created these magnificent birds.  No way, no how.  They are perfectly designed by God.

  4. It's nike a nice Dream……………….Thank you People …………..Thank god for Imagination xo

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