Music video by Pet Shop Boys performing West End Girls (2003 Digital Remaster).


  1. Here is one of many songs in the pantheon of music that has nothing to do with what you think it does.  It is not about the geography of the young London culture of the 1980's.  It is from a Vladimir Lenin book he wrote traveling from Moscow to London right before his Bolsheviks kicked out and murdered Czar Nicholas II and his entire family.  The Royal Family and their bank actually funded Communism from the time of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.  Lenin without saying it in the book was going to London to get the "seed money" for his revolution.   But inspite of having a twisted meaning it has a cool 80's beat that puts you in Piccadilly Circle on a rainy, weekend evening.  The West End is actually about Russia according to the book, not even the West End of London.  Go figure.  It was on a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire question.  And Meredith Vieira said to the contestant, "well the things we learn on this show."  I'm sure she already knew that.

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