Pietro Boselli Undressed For His Birthday

Pietro Boselli is popping up in gay news again because of his sexy and fine butt.

A Happy Belated Birthday goes out to the math teacher turned model who decided to celebrate with a tasty image on Instagram. Boselli’s 2.6 million followers celebrated with him as he shared the post.

The picture was shot in Paris by Anthony Julien Meyer and shows our handsome man in an assortment of clothing. Some shots are colored and show Boselli fashioning some interesting sweaters, but the majority of the photos are in black and white.

This second set of photos show Pietro Boselli dressed up and some show him very bared down. One picture even shows him with nothing else on but a towel in front of him. We’re sure that’s what many people are talking about. Of course, there’s also a wonderful underwear shot for some people in the mix as well.

To caption the photo, Pietro Boselli wrote simply, “Birthday boy! Shot in Paris by @anthonyjulienmeyer for @officielhommespoland”

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Those last couple of photos, which are evenly disappeared throughout the post, leave very little to the imagination and have us all wishing Boselli would just model nude already!

Imagine the lessons we could learn from THAT photo shoot. We’d pay the sexy teacher all of our attention. That we can say for sure.

Until then, we can only hope and dream. Hopefully, it won’t be for too long.

Again, Happy Belated Birthday to Pietro Boselli.