Something a little different today, but nonetheless entertaining and oddly depressing. Let’s take a look at why pride parades in Canada are trying to stop police from attending.

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  1. fools. allow the cops so yun cn have peaceful and organized parade . ok . πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  2. Our city's gay area is a high crime place and they want more policing>>>>>>LOL….yes, we want them oh no we don't, oh yes we do, oh no we don't……..make up your f&&k**g mind!

  3. I personally dont care one way or the other about the pride parade.
    I dont think they shouldn't get city funding though Imo.
    The poloce offered a free service, you didn't want it, why should the city foot the bill for security?
    Its ironic to have a parade about acceptance and tolerance of the LGBTQ community.
    Yet in the same breath exclude one of the professions where those people may in fact actually fact face a degree of difficulties.

    As far as I know a community is a whole not just yhe ones you like, ay the end of the day given the nature of the event, they're not coming ad police necessarily.
    Theyre comingg as part of the community who also happen to be police.

    So the question is…
    Are you for or against discrimination?
    Which is it?
    It can't be both, just because you rationalize your discrimination doesn't make it more valid.
    If i remember correctly people used to rationalize discriminating against the LGBTQ community as well.
    If it wasn't right then it's still not right now
    Once you let BLM take over and hold your event hostage, you lose a degree of credibilty already.
    Contrary to their beliefs, not everything is about them.
    This event has literally nothing to do w them or their cause.

    Its kinda fucked a group of people demanding tolerance for their community, don't have tolerance for the people within their own community.

  4. This kind of thing is why #GGTOW, or Gays Going Their Own Way is growing. We gay men are tired of being the whipping boys of a movement that has LOST it's fucking mind. We are taking the 'G' back, in large part so we don't get associated with these people anymore. We respect our brothers in blue, and want nothing from these nonbinary snowflakes. This kind of nonsense isn't coming from gay men, it's coming from feminists and transgender activists who want to burn western civilization. I make content about this subject if anyone is curious. Please be aware, we are waking up the others and don't wish that these crazy people represent us anymore

  5. Must say Mr Starbird, I find it pretty surprising I had not yet received even just one criticism from your audience. Is it because they are all Anglo-Sucksons? Is it because they know that deep down in the deepest crevices of their hypocritical, politically correct soul, they are also mysteriously and secretly longing and yearning for an apartheid ethno state?

    I think so. I see it everyday on YouTube. Whether in a video or comment, it's becoming common occurrence. So, tell me Mr. Starbird, what is/was Brexit all about? Last time I checked the main reason was immigration issues.

    So, what's all this Tommy Robinson frenzy all about?

    See what happens when a real Afrikaner gets on the scene? He takes over and all the hypocrites scatter like cockroaches!

    Where are my accusers now???? Where is the Anglo-Suckson that accused me and my people a generation ago? Were they not my age when I was in my late teens early twenties and they protested against apartheid? So, where are those baby boomers now? Where is my accuser now?

    Anglo-Suckson baby boomer, now that the very same misery is befalling you that you wished for my people a generation ago is now brought onto your children. Children, time has now come to ask your mommies and daddies what was their stand on apartheid. Ask them why they brought misery on the Afrikaner but don't want it for their own children. You will ask them?

    God doesn't sleep. He WILL be faithful to avenge His own, even unto the fourth generation. Children, your parents are responsible for your misery today – you need to sort this mess out with your folks, ok?

    Putting up with a black racist is enough, imagine if he is a communist black racist!

    Apartheid existed for the same reason you wanted to have your Donald Duck Trump. Apartheid existed for the same reason you want to have a Brexit. Apartheid existed for the same reason you want to build big beautiful walls, America. Apartheid existed for the same reason Europe will fall apart. Understood? Any questions?

  6. Sooo, next time I see a gay person being beaten into a pulp by our new diverse german citizens, I am not supposed to call the cops, because their view would trigger PTSD in the attacked gay person?

    Good to know…

  7. So, Mr Starbird… by now you had your debates with black racists on communism, racism, etc. How about a debate with an Afrikaner on apartheid? What do you think, audience? Good idea? Let me and Anglo-Suckson Mr. Starbird know by replying to this thread.

  8. Starbird, you want me draw the attention of the whole Anglo-Suckson world to this debate we having? So that they themselves can see how an Afrikaner makes a fool of an Anglo-Suckson. You want me put Anglo-Suckson hypocrisy on full display? When I'm done with you, you would wish you never started this channel or, at the very least, make those ignorant statements about apartheid, undersood???

    Withdraw those ignorant statements you made about apartheid or embrace communism – the two extremes that the whole world will face soon! Make your pick! I WILL NOT let you get away with boldly proclaiming your position on one extreme, communism, while being politically correct on apartheid, understood??

    I would have left you alone was it not for the fact that you said apartheid was stupid and in same sentence admit that everyone benefited from apartheid – what bs is this???? !!!!

    You want me make you a shining example of what's the difference between a Boer and an Anglo-Suckson?

    Withdraw those ignorant statements in your very next video, or I will draw the attention of every opposer of communism to witness for themselves the difference between a Boer and an Anglo-Suckson. Only then will everyone understand why the Boer trekked from the Cape in the 1830's

    Imagine my comments appearing on alt right videos with this statement: Be an eyewitness and understand first hand why the Boers left the Cape and why Boer and Brit are as opposed to each other as light and darkness, truth and error, right and wrong, day and night, communism and apartheid. Click the link and follow the debate between a British South African and Boer Afrikaner and uncover first hand what it is exactly that caused the conflict between Brit and Boer.

    I am waiting for you to withdraw those stupid ridiculous statements on apartheid!

  9. If you exclude anyone, you shouldn’t get to call it β€œpride.”

    Not that you should be particularly proud of who you fuck unless you’ve locked down a 10. πŸ€”

  10. Thank you Starbird.I know that it must be hard for you to deal with stupidity on a daily basis.These people are "nuts".Just when you think that they've gone too far,they come up with something more ridivulous.The comparison between the "pride" parades and blackface is spot on.Count on Leftists to resurrect stereotypes that "normal" people abandoned long ago.

  11. Well I guess if you're the type of person who wants to beat LGBTXYZ's half to death, then go to these events. With the lack of police there, one can easily dress up as a member of Antifa and have a field day. Now I don't support such acts of violence, I'm just pointing out the stupidity and danger of taking such a stance.

  12. Seems like progressive form of troll who gets very little push back despite their lack of anonymity – THAT'S scary . . .

  13. This is the most deluded and hypocritical and bunkers thing I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a few…
    No reason except β€œwe want as much chaos as possible and then to blame you for it”
    Makes the loony left look like hard core Mussolini supporters

  14. They want to have orgies in the streets, probably have half naked children dancing in sexually suggestive ways (which happened once already., do drugs, get drunk, and other degenerate behavior without fear of police.

    Give these idiots room to destroy, huh!

  15. Take pics of everyone watching the parade and make notes. Gay pride? Not prideful, not the least gay. It's sad and shameful.

  16. 95% of us are straight and don't want to hear about these deviants all the fucking time. The problem with gays is that 10% of them that are obnoxious assholes. These assholes are why gays will be hated by so many straights no matter what. They try to oppress the first chance they get. Nobody but gays want their country to turn into the gay Weimar culture of Germany.

  17. I'm over the black and gay mafia, let them kill each other and send a wreaking ball to clear the bodies. I won't shed a tear.

  18. This will make for some tempting targets for murderers. How long until we hear that someone drove a rental truck through a Canadian "pride" parade?

  19. Pure BS – PSDT for gays. How does such a small tiny segment of the population garner so much undeserved attention?

  20. Not even those 'cops' in G-strings snogging each other ? Thought those were part of the whole hot cop dΓ©cor at a pride parade…

  21. Starbird, wow! …it's one or the other… either you value the police or you don't… 8:27. Wow! You are becoming such a man of conviction… so wish we had you Anglo-Saxons around when we Afrikaners stood up for ourselves a generation ago.

    So tell me, Mr Starbird… since you are now increasingly starting to show some muscle in your convictions (above example and no-compromise stand on communism), may the audience please know about apartheid. Make your stand: It was right vs wrong? Please no wishy washy bs, ok? Make your stand about apartheid as you make your stand in two examples above.

    I can't accept your wishy washy view on apartheid, claiming in other videos that everyone benefited and then in same breath going on how stupid apartheid was. Come on man – so what was it – either one or the other – right or wrong?????

    Where were you that time… still in your nappies? I guess you too young to ask if you did two-year military service during apartheid, but hey, you not gonna escape this one, coz I wanna know if your dad did his dues? Or did he ran away to UK or Australia like sooo many other Anglo-Saxons who faced military conscription. Were worried you would be roughed up by some Afrikanertjies?

    Also wanna know about Conscious Caracal – did he and his dad do military service? What's his stance on apartheid?

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