Hi all, I’ve been asked a few times to post this so in regards to the posting rules… We don’t have many problems with the rules but this one in particular:

“Posts should be body oriented. Twink is about the whole package, not just cock/ass pics. If we can’t tell there’s a twink in the photo(s) your post will be removed, sorry. You can be exempt from this rule if you have photos that show more in your recent history.”

We get lots of closeups and most times they’re removed because we need to see a twink there. Sometimes you can tell from the torso (I noticed the love handles) or other indications (I can tell you’re stretching to look thinner) but if there’s little to go by, sorry, it’s being removed. This is not to say that if a post is removed it’s because you’re considered unattractive. We just need to see more and more doesn’t mean completely nude. I know some mobile users can’t see the sidebar and its rules, hence the reminder. As stated there are exceptions. If you have a long history of popular posts showing more, a closeup would be allowed but not like a closeup every day. I check histories to make sure when approving. There are other subs where they’d love content not allowed here like /r/GuysFromBehind, /r/Penis and so on.


If you believe a post shouldn’t be here it’s ok to use the Report button. All reports are considered and are anonymous. Sometimes I’ll get a “This is child porn” report and I’ll scour the OP history and look for any evidence I can find (and will ban and remove on the spot if true) but I can’t ban on one person’s possibly false word and I can’t contact you to add more because it’s anonymous. Any additional info in the report would be great.

Is the subject a twink? There seems to be a broader interpretation of that definintion than what the sidebar says so yes, there are subjects here you may not consider a twink, some might. That’s why there’s twunks here, OPs of various races (race is not a factor) and some stretching of the definition. Like I said, if you’re like “this guy can’t possibly be a twink”, report it.

My post was removed? Maybe it wasn’t, exactly. There is a rule in place that new account postings will be spammed automatically unless the account is at least a certain age. Spammed items are reviewed daily so if your post is appropriate, it will show up soon. This greatly helps with the reduction of OPs that sign up an account and post their favorite bear pic.

“God your dick is ugly”. A comment like this will put you on the subs shadowban list. Nothing you post will be seen unless approved and I do approve appropriate comments from such users but generally I don’t tolerate that shit. These are real people with feelings. Please report such comments.

That about covers it. I hope you all had a good holiday and that we continue to see great content from all you hotties out there. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Oh and thanks to Mr. Giles for his invaluable assistance)