Is there any more readily available source of fitness wisdom than Instagram? Poke around for a few minutes and you’ll find a never-ending stream of athletes and trainers, only too happy to divulge the secrets of their physical fitness journey.

We’ve rounded up some of the most helpful moves (and gratifying physical forms) to be found. Thanks for sharing your workout regimen with the world, trainers of Instagram!

1. Start with stretches

Ahhh yes, feel your muscles elongate with every stretch. Grab your shoulder and slide it further until it burns. You are like a cat in a shaft of sunlight, extending further and further, limbering each sinew until you are ready to switch arms.

2. Activate your recovery

Let your body rebuild. Here’s Ben demonstrating active recovery on a rowing machine while an associate works out in the background.

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3. Bear with it

This is the bear crawl move, not to be confused with crawls to bear bars. Don’t forget to breathe while you do this one, because it is required.

4. Fold yourself up

While your muscles are trying to get big, you might want to get small. Here’s star of mat and screen, the Rock himself, folding himself into a compact shape prior to shipping. Remember to glower.

5. Toy soldier dance

Sure it looks goofy, but this slow-motion marching is great for all the little fibers and sacks of goo that make up a human body, particularly around the crunchy bone parts. If it helps, have a friend play a little tooting song on a flute to keep time.

6. Proprioception

At some point, your athletic prowess will be put to the test on a mattress. So what better place to do a little home workout than the bedroom, especially when you are on the road?

7. Flexibility

Learn the art of balance, flexibility, and poise. The crowd will go wild.

8. Never stop moving

Here’s a rapid-fire stomping maneuver to keep the blood pumping. Don’t be afraid to look a little silly — as long as you’re moving, you’re exercising. Every motion is a workout, so make the most of it.

9. Think about what you’re lifting

Dig deep. Don’t just lift barbells because they’re there. Be mindful and concentrate on every piece of workout equipment you touch. Get to know them, understand what they do, why you lift them, and what you must give back.

10. Handstand & happiness

H O L L O W B A C K As opposed to a #scorpionhandstand which requires a high level of hip and lower back #mobility (but not shoulder mobility), a true #hollowbackhandstand goes through the shoulders as well as the hips and back, with the head pushed through to the top side. The bracing tension to hold a handstand this way is felt in the posterior chain, specifically the rear delts, traps, lats and of course the spinal muscles and core. A scorpion handstand uses more pecs, front delts and anterior chain with hyperextension in the lower back. #Hollowback on a wall is a great training tool for improving your shoulder mobility and also your regular straight #Handstand. Once you get strong on a wall, start training for off the wall! It is a big jump to balance like this without a wall, requiring more coordination, micro-neuromuscular control and strength. We talk about and learn different progression routes for #handstands and more in our Calisthenics Masterclass on Sunday 11 Feb… come and join us we would love to see you there! DM me for more info ??? #bodyweightgurus @bodyweightgurus Parallettes: ??????

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The back of your body will thank you, or at least experience a searing muscular burn, when you hold yourself upside-down on rails. The hollowback handstand concentrates tension around your back, and also heightens the tension of anyone watching you.

11. Appreciate your body

Sometimes it’s important to just stand back and flex and feel good about how you look. You’re doing this for you, so don’t feel shy about thank yourself for all the work you’ve put in. Now that you’ve read through all these tips, you’ve earned it.