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  1. We should all do a mass suicide in an effort for the gov to stop parenting us and let us do what we want with our persons. If I want to smoke till death, I'ma shoot up till death. Let my people fuck. LET MY PEOPLE FUCK!!!! You damn pharohs.

  2. prostutution is like pot. should be legal and regulated , not illegal and get arrested for doing it. people have been going to brothels since the beginning of time. like alcohol. prohibition. it was illegal but people still did it

  3. Now Cucknada changed the rules so that the John could be criminalised after the act, creating an extremely dangerous remorse situation after the act for the sex-worker.

  4. im really fucking sorry…

    but in my honest opinion, even selling drugs has more merit then selling sex.

    sex should be free. bitches who ask for money for sex should go to jail and never ever get fucked. ever.

    it should always stay illegal.

  5. if a woman want to do prostitution is because she's a bad person et a lazy one, did men do prostitution because they're broke or unemployed ? if you want to have easy money you will always find excuses, period.

  6. In Germany too! 06.12.2014 -> FKK-CLUB in Castrop Rauxel /NRW , Germany! Search for "FKK Club Great Palace"!

  7. Prostitution has been legal in New Zealand since June 2003. Things have improved hugely for the sex workers in New Zealand, they are now protected by the Police rather than harassed by them. Whilst there have been some serious assaults take place since then it is still better than it was. 

  8. God is going to judge all muslims after the Mahdi (the anti christ) and the false prophet isa (the fake jesus) deceive the nations

  9. The government is simply switching the crime from the hooker to the john. They will spout all kinds of bull shit reasons for this, but the reality is no matter how stupid, men will just shake their heads and take it. They won't in large numbers whine on the CBC and other media like women's groups do. Lets get real here. the only difference between a hooker and other women is the hooker is not a hypocrite.

  10. wherever i go i see police. the police wont allowe me to have sex with a girl. i will have to move to australia and just live there. i wont work in australia. 

  11. very true that is progression I wish the US would follow. World governments should only be concerned about protecting the innocent not denying human rights.

  12. Economically I don't see anything that would not give a great boost for spending on something that obviously is in superior demand. Think of what it could do for the homeless that have tried to live by the system but can't find work. If it is regulated and the govt's make dividends by taxing and imposing regulation how this could contribute to get rid of global recession.

  13. Judges take their directive from the government; therefore in short order, you will see another BIG tax grab for the assholes in Ottawa!  It may appear on the surface they are fighting it, but at the end of the day the Oh Mighty Dollar rules!

  14. This make slavery legal in Canada…but what can you expect from socialist scumbags that want to enslave EVERYBODY? They start with women…The Hells Angels, the main slave traders, are untouchable…even in jail, they live in luxury, serviced by sex slaves and feeding on gourmet meals in luxury surroundings

  15. "For the first time in history, those who lead My Church into error will be loved, adored and virtually no criticism leveled upon them.
    The greatest heresy, not seen since My death on the Cross, will now devour My Church on Earth. They will fill My Churches with insulting pagan symbols and I will be nowhere to be seen..
    Your Jesus"

    Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

  16. Why is selling herself for a few bucks illegal, yet bartering for diamonds, clothes, a place to live (being a kept woman by a rich guy), etc. is legal? Just seems odd to me. 

  17. legal  every where if you do it in private . You have a bf or gf you doing if you aren't marry . You will always get something in return . It's call by other names but it's all the same .

  18. They should just make prostitution illegal.You can't really solicit,profit,have borthels Why even make it legal?

  19. Not something to brag about, their women selling themselves for a few bucks. lol But it is something to laugh about.

  20. it is not legal in canada we can still be arrested for it, you need to have a license as a escort or a agency license

  21. So what is the purpose of the Securities Exchange Commission? Do they make sure that every person is safe?

  22. The West needs to come out of the
    Dark Ages with prostitution. Its like prohibition all over again where the under world gets rich and thrives and everyone else gets screwed. No pun meant.

  23. lol bit of a reach there-sad but having free health care means health care is eventually used for all sorts of things you probably wouldn't approve of. You don't seem to understand that being against prostitution will never save a you a dime.If your tax dollars aren't spent on sex-change operations or hooker abortions, they aren't going to give it back to you or funnel it into something you approve of. You live in Canada, you paid taxes, that money is gone. Harper will find a way to use it.

  24. The truth is you dont actually have a say in anything taxes get spent on, ever. The government shall continue to pay themselves and waste the rest on frivolous things like foreign aid or broken submarines, helicopters and artificial lakes.

  25. There are pills that you can take to avoid being pregnant. All parties involved would have to take a test for STDs, and if I'm correct then that's already covered by taxes. Really? You're doing it "for the kids"? Moron. It's two consenting adults, the pimps are out of the story. With this system, the women are consenting. When it's illegal, you're more likely to get an STD, or the woman to get stabbed in the face afterwards. You're an asshole if you're going to deny them their safety.

  26. If you're smoking weed, then it's just for some fun. That's harmless fun. Using heroin isn't fun, and if you educate people, then they won't do it if it's legal or not. There are plenty of harmful things that you can do that are perfectly legal, like sky diving, and you don't see people going to sky dive by the millions. I'm positive that you have a costly hobby which is entirely "meaningless", so that word is just not meaningful in itself. You wouldn't tell anyone you had an STD if it's illegal

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