Punta Gorda, located on Charlotte Harbor in Southwest Florida between Sarasota and Ft. Myers, is a jewel and the model of what a small, waterfront town should be.

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    I always feel just lost when I’m away
    Take me back home where I belong and stay until my dieing days ……

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  3. First place I ever had sex with a police officer. He had big fingers, I had a small butt. I'll always remember that night. Charlotte County for ever.

  4. I moved here three years ago and love it. Compared to southeast Michigan (no not Detroit) this is heaven. It is a lovely, laid back, friendly town. Big cities (Sarasota/Bradenton and Ft Myers) about 45 minutes in either direction if you want some big city fun. That was about the same amount of time I had to travel if I went to Detroit so no big deal. Also the airport in Ft Myers is only about 30 minutes away just a couple of miles off I-75. Living here is relaxing and very comfortable. Granted the summers are hot and muggy but the other 8-9 months are near perfect.

  5. The Chief of Police and one of his cop buddies are in a jam for killing an old lady. Shot her dead. Yeah nice place to live and die in. Cop's, don't need them

  6. I love Punta Gorda but will not share this video because it is all white people. They flew right past the Blanchard House and also we have avery diverse community and it should be represented in this video. There were no gay couples or no black people so whoever did this video consider please, an edit.

  7. We lived there for 6 yrs. It is NOT the most beautiful town in Florida. No way. The county sucks at improving things. Slow as shit and backwards.

  8. I will avoid Punta Gore as much as I possibly can because you still employ a cop who allows his dog to sadistically maul his subjects without proper cause, yes we have seen the video evidence and those responsible for his paycheck are just as evil for keeping a guy like that onboard. Why would I want to drive by and happen to have a headlight out unintentionally subjecting my self to get pulled over and be disfigured by a dog who is controlled by this cop? All because I coughed or raised my hand to itch my face for example but the officer would translate any motion as an excuse to unleash his doggy fury to satisfy his sadistic tendencies…

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