Queen Pride Parade 2015 in Delhi was held Sunday. It wrapped its arms sexuality Hundreds of Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Barakhamba Road near Connaught Place, the color of the rainbow balloons inserted. Rainbow-colored flag, the banner on the drum beats them to express their pride in being Kialkhas Gay and Lesbian Gay parade was that it appeared draped in front of the envelope. Rainbow flag under a Freedom also expressed their lesbian kisses him. Many have their faces were covered with multi-colored masks and wings. There was no shortage of people here who appeared smiling in front of the camera without Hicke. This is the eighth time the parade held in Delhi too.The parade Delhi to Connaught Place to Tolstoy Marg and Barakhamba extracted. The parade organized by Delhi transgender and gay couples was. The parade made by the government on equal gender relations in law were held to demand the removal of the 377 people involved in Thykpred has weakened us. In daily life we are home, school, office, hospital and public places now are afraid to express themselves in real terms. People in parade play cards with different messages were written. They wrote Delhi Pride Festival, All We Need Is Love, Out and Play, But Not Narrow State. The parade, which was against the discrimination facing gay community, people have to say. There were foreign. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalises sex between homosexuals is. Supreme Court to amend the law on this issue was put on Parliament’s responsibility.