I react to some Anti-Gay commercials I found on youtube! Put it in a bag!
What kind of bag would you put your gay into? COMMENT below!
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I take a suggested topic from a viewer that I believe was inspired by Trevor Moran. I also noticed there were a series of reactions to Anti-Gay propaganda videos posted in the last two years from a group of creators that I wasn’t apart of, so this is my late addition 🙂 Homophobia is a mental illness

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  1. I love when religious people get on a rant about all god "intended" for inventions of society. xD
    And it's like, BITCH where?
    Like in an episode of the show Hoarders a man says "God invented a garage for the car, not for keeping all your things"

  2. "just put it all in a bag and drop it before the medal detector" this line KILLED me every single time you said. and because of that, im instantly subscribing and turning on post notifications!!

  3. you are so wrong about his.. this is not and an anti gay commercial..is a religious video based on the bible.. #sodom

  4. Okay I'm not gay but my dad is homophobic homophobic means anti gay Ind I don't like my dad for this reason my second cousin is a girl is bisexual and has a girlfriend and I think anyone who is homophobic should mind their own businesses and their own life.

  5. As a Christian, I hate it when other "christians" say that God hates gays, because he doesn't. Jesus teaches his disciples to love others and treat them as an equal no matter their past nor who they are, because in reality, we are children of God and he loves each and every one of us equally without a doubt.
    The bible doesn't say you're going to hell if you're gay, it says that all who believe that Jesus is the son of God and believe that he died on the cross will be promised entrance into the kingdom of heaven, because he LOVED US enough to send his son to pay for our sins, regardless of our sexuality. So it disgusts me to see that this is how other "christians" depict God as. No wonder people hate christians, because they make God out to be hateful against is own children.

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