Rudy Gay Highlights | Welcome To The Spurs


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  1. If he's at least 90 percent with the Spurs.
    He'll be well off in the system
    Hell de very well
    Can't wait to see what he brings

  2. As long as Gay is is healthy this season and conditions his body well, the Spurs will be legit contenders to the Warriors.

    ( Not saying they weren't this past season though)

  3. LaMarcus needs to calm his underachieving azz down and stick around. Undercover, we have a STRONG team, no matter WHAT role Rudy has. If he gives us 12-14 a game…that would do WONDERS for us. If he gets us 15 – 18+, the Spurs will be the 2018 NBA champions.

  4. Gay is going to be fantastic for the Spurs! First team his going to play for without all the expectations of being the savior or being the man. Pop will unleash the best out of Gay. GO SPURS GO!!

  5. Great video! It shows what Rudy is capable of, although he's coming off an injury! He will still add another great scorer to the mix!

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