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Fridge Temp Monitor

Command Hooks (Christmas Lights/Indoor): http://amzn.to/2DeXa1L

Command Hooks for Coats: http://amzn.to/2Hm9fEC

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Shower Rings: http://amzn.to/2HnAI8X

LED Light Strips: http://amzn.to/2oWpMbY

Litter Geenie: http://amzn.to/2FEt112

Cabinet Trash Cans: http://amzn.to/2tA4YeK

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Northern Arizona Wind & Sun
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  1. Enjoyed your solar video… But way too much power for us. We run 400w and it worked well while at Quartesite this year… But what i saw that was even more impressive was you your hat 187th "Rakkasans." I'm Regimental with the 502d Brigade "Strike" and retired after Desert Storm while assigned with 327th "No Slack". The point of this comment is just to say hi to another 101st Airborne trooper…hope to meet up someday down the road… Air Assualt

  2. We found it last year when visiting Relatives loved it so much that we became members.great place to spend the winters away from Montana

  3. I put in a 3rd Shower Rod .  1/2 way between wall n Reg Shower Rod .  It comes in way handy .   Make sure ya put it as high as ya can , just so ya can slide a thick plastic hanger on it .

  4. OMG! You just made my day. I've never heard of a litter genie but with 3 cats it's a pain having to clean/remove litter every day. I'm not an RVer – yet, but this will work great in my sticks and bricks home also. Thank you for sharing this! I just subscribed to your channel and am excited to follow you on your journey.

  5. You speak too fast when you describe the light you have hung, instead of running the coach lights, what is the name of that hanging light? So that I may buy some. Thank you.

  6. You might want to consider an Oxygenics shower head for reduced water consumption yet high water pressure and an extending shower curtain rod to make the shower roomier – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbsiAv_QCy0. Seek to 5:30 in video. I really like the industrial velcro on the fridge idea

  7. Well done, great stuff with all the command hooks. We will defiantly get ourselves some of those!!!!

  8. Hi John and Laura ? excellent tips! Kudos! John you are getting very good at describing items with just the right amount of detail (except “bus bars”??? In solar vid…haha). Can you tell me the type and brand of fridge monitor you showed?
    In Bertie I have a bar fridge so only need one but I will need alarm for both high and low setting as I will be experimenting with the yeti 400 lithium solar battery this season. From 3 test trips last summer it seemed to run very cold when hooked to shore power.

  9. Excellent idea for the trash can storage. We have the same vertical space challenge. Now I know how to solve it. Big Thanks!!

  10. I noticed you removed the curtains. Too busy? Too dusty? Our 34RL2 is being built at the factory now and was wondering.

  11. We've got some pretty heavy pictures and magnetic boards on those Command strips. We had some fail but we didn't install per the instructions. Once we remounted the strips, they've been on the walls every since. Good stuff. Never thought about the fabric bins but they's work well in our closet. Thanks!

  12. 3m command products are a campers dream. There's nothing that cant be solved without them. Thanks for the video.

  13. Thanks John and Laura! Great tips and believe me, having full timed for 6 years, you will have more! It's a constant learning adventure!

  14. One of the things we really like about our soon to be Unity FX Class C is the abundance of exterior and interior storage in a 25' motor home! There's two deep storage cabinets over the cab, maybe extra bedding in one, laptop and printer in the other.

    There's a "vertically challenged" cabinet over the front TV where I can see adding a shelf over the A/V splitter controller and stealing your idea of stacking plastic bins to organize CDs and DVDs rather than going labor intensive and building something. There's a deep but narrow storage space behind the front TV screaming for Command hooks for cameras and Tazzy's leashes, collars and harness.

    There's two hanging closets and loads of drawers in the galley and else where. The galley features overhead cabinets each divided by a fixed horizontal shelf, we're not as vertically challenged as you are so don't need to steal your brilliant small waste baskets idea but we will be stealing your idea of stacking plastic bins for spices and misc kitchen tools.

    Another thing we like about the RV is the relatively large fridge/freezer with a convection/microwave above it. I bake; bread, muffins, sweets etc, and hubby cooks. We've already decided we'll have to pre-cook most meals at our house and freeze to take along so we'll have to let that shake out before micro-planning storage in the freezer/fridge. And we plan to be gone for only 2 weeks, 3 max, at a time.

    We're hoping one of the 'holiday popcorn' cans we've saved will fit under the sink to store Tazzy's food, the metal will keep out any rodents that may get past our rodent proofing. We've trained Tazzy to use pee pads since day one and the only place to put one in the RV is in the shower. We treat it like you treat kitty litter so no big deal.

    The second lounge is in the rear, is 'L' shaped and has a TV and overhead cabinets like the gallery. Under the short 'L' is a pull out pop up multi function table which we doubt we'll ever use so will leave it at home. In it's place we plan to have a custom sized kennel door made, the space will be nice for Tazzy when we go off on a dogless adventure or we encounter a really bad storm.

    The bathroom in the soon to be our RV includes a vinyl shower door on a roller that looks like a FAIL waiting to happen so we'll be installing a shower curtain. We have a tip for you, unless you've discovered it already, buy several magnet discs, super glue one to the shower curtain and the other to the inside lip of the shower pan in line with the first to prevent the curtain from blowing back when the water is running.

    Another RVer we watch made a great suggestion for people traveling with pets – leave a note in the windshield or entry door with the dog's breed, name and your cell number when you go out and leave the dog AND get stickers for each window to let the Fire Department know there's a dog on board should the worst happen.

    Holiday lights. Oy Vey. When we bought this house June 2017 one of the many 'must do first' projects was to line the roof line with white rope lights so we never have to put them up in the dead of winter or take them down in the dead of winter. I've looked at the floor plan of our FX and can't find a place for a Holiday Tree so I'll make a wreath with battery lights and do a 'theft proof' install on the outside of the entry door.

    One more tip. We're going to register the RV with Indiana BMV with a vanity plate as soon as we get a VIN from the factory using – SITE CN. Wire your vanity plate securely to the mounting bracket!! I'm bringing this up because in the mid 2000s, I drove to WDW and came out to the parking lot one evening and when I walked toward the back of my car I noticed the vanity plate [which was attached when I got there] – MIKNMIN – was missing [I spent 10 years with Disney Orlando after college]. The County Sheriff found a dusty shoe print on the bumper and wrote a report proclaiming the plate was stolen. It was replaced when I got back, the damage was repaired and I wired it down to the point only I could get it off. Several cars later it's still wired down and still in place.

    Thanks for another GREAT video!!

  15. Command strips should pay you for advertising (Heehee) I appreciate your vlogs. some great tips especially for storage ideas! thanks

  16. if you are still in Pahrump Nevada love to meet you. I am at the Nevada Treasure R V park. keep up the great work

  17. Awesome video guys. Nice to see Laura in them too now. You guys have come so far with becoming a full timer. You might have even given me a tip or two in this.

  18. Great video John and Laura! Love the trash can containers and storage cubes! Can you tell me about the LED lights. I am using a strand of Christmas lights but I have to take them down every time we bring in the slides… do you?

  19. That"s how to LIVE in an RV, Thanks for sharing! We have been in our RV for years and we learned new stuff from your video today, SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES:)

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