In this video, we share 10 tips on how we make camping easier and more enjoyable. From campfires to controlling bugs, these are things we’ve learned over the years that have helped to improve our RV camping experience. And many of these tips are great for tent campers as well! What are your favorite tips? Share them in the comments! And for more on this topic, visit our website:

If you are interested in any of the items we talked about in this video:
Folding Camp Shovel:
Collapsible Trash Can:
Range Kleen Grease Container:
Wireless Weather Station:

Unfortunately, it looks like the company who made the FirePliers has gone out of business. What a shame! 🙁

We (Tom & Stacie) are Native Texans who are all about exploring the Lone Star State in our weekend home on wheels. We’re always looking for fun and interesting places to visit. We’d love to hear your suggestions on fun and interesting places to visit. Please leave a comment below!

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Safe Travels and Happy Camping!

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  1. 1st Rule of ( actual) camping, use a tent or hammock, don’t bring your ‘ home ‘ and call it camping.

  2. hi here a upside down cake recipe in a dutch oven > need 1 stick butter ,brown sugar pine apple in can rings white cake mix and 20 coals < put 5 hot coal on bottom sit oven on put butter in melt then brown sugar melt then pine apples ring around circle then cake mix put lid on put rest hot coals on top lid wait 30- 40 minute be done i use brown paper bag flip on or use the lid of dutch oven up too you have nice day safe trip

  3. A DIY for the grease trap is an old metal hinged tea box (thrift store) with a paper or waxed bag inside ?

  4. Yellow lights attract LESS bugs but a light is a light! Get the light away from the door! LED strip lights help.

  5. Fire pliers that's a nice tool to have. I always used a stick to move the wood around if needed.

  6. Awesome tips for firepit and mosquitos! I'll remember to ask for the trail map too! Thanks! Happy trails!

  7. I found some heavy duty fire place tools at a thrift store, very cheap. We use the poker and wood tongs for camping. Work great, inexpensive and recycled.

  8. Why don’t you carry a regular sized shovel? Wouldn’t hurt, doesn’t weigh too much, you carry firewood that takes much more space

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