Day 1,621
June 9, 2015


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Featured production of the day:
The One Year Itch – Samantha Fall


ApprenticeEh Daily Vlogs


Corey Vidal

Corrado Coia

Samantha Fall

Rianna Finch

Saskia Vanell



White dog Maya has a Youtube channel:


Outro theme song written and performed by:
Andrew Huang


  1. Maya is the dog owner licker of the dog park! Thanks for capturing some funny footage of her.. and her slobberyness!

  2. Dogs can smell anything delicious. Sam, you're a brave woman for bringing a Tim Horton's sandwich within range of that many dog noses. {B^)

  3. At first I was like geez, Corrado  and  Saskia. are really good at sword fighting, then I realized ,  oh right they took fencing in college, of course they would be.

  4. I'm really enjoying these wushu videos, looks like you are all having so much fun as well as getting fitter. plus the thought of a huge lightsabre fight between you all would be epic 😀

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