Natural World by BBC, Documentry film on Sasan Gir only place of Asiatic Lions in the World,
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  1. During continental drift lions reloacated to India and adapted them according to nature..but breading among family reducing their immunity….hope they can improve

  2. GIR: the proud of India by the prides
    what a amazing documentary with the majestic beauty of Asiatic lion and the rural village life

  3. Truly said :
    Sorath dhara sohamani, Uncho gadh Girnar
    Jena savajda sejal pive, tena namna nar ne naar

  4. khamma Gir Khamma….
    it is the most beautiful and the deadliest place to visit in my Gujarat…. the people are so loving…..

  5. I think y Asiatic lion looks weaker because high density of population in one cramped area, which is not enough for a Lion population of more than 400 Lions. Amazing thing is that both humans and the Lions live in peace and respect each other.
    Further, look at the Leopard Hills of Rajastan. U will find the same situation. They r at peace with the locals and respect each other. Is not it incredible?

  6. Very very good video on Gir Lions and the Forest officials and its people. Very interesting and informative video.

  7. I am so glad to see these lions growing and getting bigger in populations.I sure hope they continue to breed and create more lions!

  8. Good voice over, nice story
    I am Samir
    I was a Wildlife film maker before being Radio Jockey..
    If you wish to watch my stories than check few videos in this channel "Gujju box"
    and more videos have been uploaded on "The Jungle book of India"
    All the best

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