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As night falls in Athens, the city’s squares turn seedy, and middle aged European men can be seen chatting with teenage Syrian boys – a seemingly odd pairing of friends. Many of these youngsters are refugees who have resorted to selling themselves for as little as €10 just to eat. Some also choose drug pedaling and petty theft to survive. With no official documents or help from Greece’s immigration authorities, they are stranded in this horrific life. To escape, some consider abandoning their dream of living in Europe, and others even contemplate suicide.

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  1. Broken my heart. I request the people and the government of Greece should help to improve the life of these lads. I pray allah to open the eyes of Bazar Al Azad and I wish him to see this video. The UNO Refugees wing should keep a tab on it

  2. Seriously these boys are of fighting age, but they ran like COWARDS. GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY AND FIGHT FOR IT. Then you wouldn't have to sale your ass………

  3. to the people commenting: nobody cares about your fucking political opinion. It's a tragedy what has happened.

  4. Returned to say I couldn't make it past the 16 year boy trying not to cry as he was talking about having to perform sex just to eat. I'm sure the video just gets worse, but I can't handle this shit anymore. My heart is fucking breaking

  5. They may be Muslim and avowed enemies to the free world, but I think this video perhaps proves that not all of them subscribe to that practice. I felt so horrible for these young men so desperate to eat, they are selling their bodies. I feel do much anger right now for the injustices and cruelties of this world that it's not doing my spirit any good. I have said some pretty harsh things about Muslims in the past because of their cruel treatment to those not of their ideology, but I feel so bad for these people that I am beginning to regret at least some of the things that I have said. This is a fallen world and God is on his way. It will have to get even worse before his eventual return, but return he will. He is the only one apparently that can help the suffering innocents of this fucked up world.

  6. This is disgusting nothing to help these young men at lease put them into shelters this is a break down of society. The Middle East is so bad I doubt it will ever be solved at all. The Greek men are disgusting to want to have sex with these young men. How can a person who is not gay then has to have sex for money then try to be with a female I think these young men are damaged goods now. Some much hatred and so many places in the Middle East has to disaster wars and governments which are the worst it is very sad.

  7. If other people can help and provide shelters for animals why not for them? Only human can help humans. I hope the government of Greece to open their eyes wider than it should. #HelpRefugees ✔

  8. These young, healthy looking men, that should be staying in their country and helping it, are going to Europe and expect to be taken care of. They're complaining that Greece is not doing anything for them!!!! I say to them: GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY. GO TO HELL>

  9. The US and NATO did that. Did not know Greece was full of old gay dudes. Those old gay dudes were raping boys before those refugees were there think about that Greeks might have a history with that kind of stuff. The west will never care!

  10. Greece, how we have fallen…..We now let Turks who are complaining about our system but if they never tortured us for 400 years we would not be like this. They raped, killed, and destroyed and now we are supposed to let them in. We don’t have the money to support them, so why don’t they leave. However, I definitely don’t support prostitution in my country, but they’re many more rapes per year. Search it up the statistics are out. It’s just when those Greek soldiers were in Turkey they were captured, but they’re allowed to come here. Luckily Europe is pulling through, Eastern Europe, Italy, Hungary, Austria, and more will soon follow

  11. they say there is no humanity for them in greece i say their is no humanity here in greece for uss the greeck people also but who cares an imigrant is more important than the local people

  12. i know they have hard time bt they have to find other job just leave that place and try to find way i am sure u wil find better life than this

  13. The so called developed nations are all responsible for this. Struggle for supremacy between the major world players at the expense of innocent souls is so appalling. What is the role of the united nations in all of this crisis. Man made crisis for selfish reasons. God is watching and all cups will soon be filled up…Arab nations should do something, its a shame how they flaunt there wealth all over while many are perishing…Lord do something.

  14. Lmao lying about their age so they get put in school with our youth which they then rape, murder, and assault.

  15. The Syrian Christians are moral and work to fit in. The Syrian Muslims are a scourge and among the most undesirables you never want in your society.

  16. "Two young Afghans"?? Neither of them was less than 23 at least. One of them looked over 30 ( 6:55) The lady had absolutely no right to walk up to the group making insinuations. Such agenda driven reporting doesn't make anyone a journalist. Thumbs down I'm afraid.

  17. Well sweden provided them with the things they needed and look what they have done. They think they own sweden now, they rape, they steal, they kill. They are just a huge ghetto. I wish Swedish goverment finally to wake up and protect its citizens!!!!!

  18. What did they expect then? That Greece provide them with houses, jobs and luxury? Get real now..
    They leave their children, sisters and wives behind, pretty selfish

  19. Another mess this World has to deal with.

    I think it is too much now for the World to cope with. Negative, you bet, but it is the reality of what humans have become.

  20. why did they come then?
    These were the same assholes who burned the Danish flag during the mohammad cartoons and threatened everyone with death and destruction and now you want us to feel bad for them?
    Please their own countries should take care of them not Greece which is allready up to their eyeballs in debt

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