1. i did not know what i clit was so i looked it up and now i know so much information about myself because i am a female but i also cringed a bit because i am 11

  2. O my goodness I just got finish talking about this with her,thats why I don't like anyone who cant sing hahaha

  3. To Be Honest Jenny Looks Like Agasta Sister From Jessie And Btw This Video Was Pause Im To Young To Watch This And Just Want To Comment This Here Cause I Don't Want To Pick The Perfect I Just Pick The First One

  4. Why cant my health class teacher just show us this instead of all the books and shit. I learned much more in this 4 min video than i have in 2 years of sex ed. Thank you lucas and jenny.

  5. at my school we would talk about sex and the boys just can't help to break out into laughter every time if they heard the word mate, sex, intercourse ,love ,mount,hump,breast,butt etc. good thing girls mature faster than boys. that is true right???

  6. I asked in one of your other videos I asked if you were brother and sister and now I really hope you're not

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