hi all. new to reddit so be gentle lol

i wana ask some gay men here who are either bottom or submissive or if you have just experienced this at all before.

so im 23 and vers. i feel like i want to bottom a lot more than i do top but thats a different story. anyways. ive always had fantasies about how id live to get fucked by guys. but recently i watched some straight porn(which i do normally anyway) and the girl just had the best orgasm ever.

have any of you guys ever had a fnatsy or kink or fetish about the though of having a vagina during sex or maybe experience the female orgasm?

this was triggered by porn and it is kinda bothering me cuz tbe thoughts been stuck on my mind. i dont think im transgendered
im pretty sure im not a woman in a mans body. ive always been comfortable as a cis gay man. but its kinda just like envy or lust haha i duno. its wierd. and it is bothering me a bit. im also a bit of a sex and porm addict so its hard for me. im like aroused but also greatly disturbed.

would be great to hear your thoughts.



  1. I think women get better orgasms to make up for the child birth thing. That shit is incredible to witness.

  2. Gay Bottom here.Lately discovered my Gay instincts.Straight mainly in women before ,so know how women orgasm.
    I feel like a woman when bottoming.First time was amazing.I was eager to take large and thick dick.I chose strong partner who was double my weight and size.I was a shy virgin girl offering my pussy to be pounded.My dick was soft.I had cleaned my hole very well.It was dilating like pussy and wet in excitement.No lube was required.Little pain and he rip my hole opened.He entered in me smoothly and I got stretched automatically.I felt proud to host him in me.I got nicely pounded for more than half an hour.He took me missionary and I was taking him like a woman.My pussy was loosened and he was swimming in me.He cum in me.Amaziing first time I used to cum in women today he cum in me.I felt I was inseminated.
    A year in bottoming my sexual desires has made me very clean.In short time I clean myself and get ready to be fucked.When horny my hole is wet and dilates instinctively. My desire is to reach anal orgasm when he breeds me.In heat I moan”My Man,please fuck me whole night,fuck me hard,I want more, fuck me,cum in me,make me pregnant”.

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