21 M

I find myself being sexually attracted to guys, but I could never see myself settling down with one.

Also I have some pretty good looking guy friends but have never been sexually attracted to them.

I have used Grindr mulitple times but never been with a girl before. Never had a crush on a guy but always on girls all throughout my life.

What does this mean?

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  1. It means you are sexually attracted to guys, but couldn’t see yourself settling down with one.

    Not trying to be smart. You’ve got it figured out. Live your life as you want

  2. You say you are attracted to guys and never been with a girl; have you been with a guy ? Even just out on a date?

  3. I have the same problem but reverse genders. Emotionally into dudes but sexually into women.

    I’m told that’s a type of bisexuality.

  4. Why don’t you try to work something out with a girl? Lol

    It seems like maybe you’re just bisexual, and you haven’t really experimented with women.

    It could be you feel obligated to abide by sociological standards so a homosexual relationship feels out of sight for you.

    I don’t know you, though haha.

    Definitely seems like you should experiment things with a woman if you think you’d be attracted to them both ways!

  5. Maybe someday you will meet a person who both thrills you sexually and emotionally. Get out there and experience different options.

  6. That you’re bi and have been struggling with your sexuality for a long time. What you wrote is indeed confusing but that’s actually appropriate because you are indeed confused. It’s very politically incorrect to say that bi men are “confused” but the reality is that many indeed are, certainly in the beginning. You’re also probably conflicted about homosexuality and perhaps that’s why you may suppress some romantic feelings for males, as the title of your Reddit proclaims. Go with the flow, let nature run its course and you’ll find out sooner than you think. Best of luck!

  7. You are too young and still adjusting your sexuality while still bound by social norms.

    Give it some time. Wait until you are 30. Try enjoying company of other gay men without sex on mind.

    Once you are matur enough and go past through peer pressure, you will be able to figure out your true self.

  8. Have sex when you want to have sex. Settle down with whom ever you wanna settle down with when you feel you’re ready. You like what you like as long as you take care of yourself first, be safe, and not hurt others.

  9. I’m a psychologist, and I can tell you you are not unusual in any way. Guys can have sexual preferences that differ from their romantic/emotional preferences. I have sex with men, but have no interest in a romantic or emotional attachment with a man. I’m very much like you actually. There is nothing strange or unusual about this and it’s actually common.

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