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Hey Youtube! I’m back with a new update, this time, I want to show some of the progress I have recently obtained my training workout in gym.

I am very happy because I managed to overcome some goals for my body fat percentage has dropped which a couple of numbers, and I’ve also gradually increased my muscle mass, given that I am a man of complexion thin, these are good news, I hope to move forward every day with the help of my training program, my diet and discipline.

I hope you look so happy as I am with this progress and good news, I commented that the medical treatment that I am doing extremely well and my health is amazing.

In the video I wanted to highlight my upper body, and show my abs in a state of relaxation and contraction, my chest has developed a little more and my biceps have grown progressively, all these muscle groups are very important for an athlete, amateur or professional develop strength and endurance in the upper body, so remember to exercise them well and let them rest for restore muscle fibers and grow strong, bulky and defined.

Thank you all for the support and good vibes and energies, if you like my videos and updates please leave me your comments, messages and suggestions, constructive criticism is welcome.

Blessings, Peace, Success, Love and Good Health.


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  2. lol first i look at shoulder chest and mostly back i donot turn on a big muscles there is a perfect shape for men that looks so sexy

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