I have to admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for a good cause, especially when it’s anything to do with animals or wildlife. So, when a company combines that kind of good deed with a gorgeous hunk of a man you can bet I’m gonna be paying attention!

It needs to be said, first of all, that I’m a little bit pissed at the JOR Underwear company for not giving us any details at all about the sexy stud showing off some of their gear in this circus themed shoot, or the photographer who snapped these pics, but then I guess they’re a pretty new company and they probably don’t know that it would help them to spread their name on blogs like this if they told us about the people involved.

To be honest, plenty of companies that have been in business for years still don’t get that side of it or the free promotion they might be missing out on by not bothering to tell us who their guys are.

So you might be wondering how this is a good cause… well, they’re trying to prove a point about circuses and the use of animals for entertainment, replacing the animals with a handsome hunk in some of their gear.

I like it, it’s subtle, sexy and it definitely got my attention.

We would all go to this circus, right? 🙂

There’s a joke here about “being in the ring”, but I’m not gonna say it lol

Let me know what you think of him in the comments, and especially if you know his name or where I might be able to find out more about him. Have a great Wednesday!

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